Availability of Update to Windows Intune for Windows Phone 8.1 and Samsung KNOX Standard

One of the benefits of having a cloud-based service is the ability to update it with more functionality on a fast cadence, and being able to deliver those new capabilities to you easily, without requiring you to upgrade any infrastructure or on-premises systems.  We’ve been releasing updates to Windows Intune on a pretty regular basis; the last update, back in January, provided the ability to deploy and remove email profiles on mobile devices, data protection configuration settings for devices running iOS 7, and the ability to remotely lock or reset a device’s PIN.

Today we are rolling out an update to Windows Intune which will provide support for Windows Phone 8.1 as well support for Samsung Galaxy devices supported with the KNOX platform

For Windows Phone 8.1, there are additional device configuration settings, software installation (sideloading) enhancements, selective wipe, support for Web Authentication Broker (WAB) enrollment, and automatic MDM certificate renewal.

For Samsung devices which support KNOX, we now support device configuration settings directly through KNOX Standard (formerly Samsung SAFE) as well as through Exchange ActiveSync.   The configuration settings are the same today, and we’re working on releasing additional KNOX Standard-specific settings at a later date.

You can see the updated set of device configuration settings in the TechNet documentation for Windows Intune (standalone) and Windows Intune being used with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.

Additionally, the updated Company Portal apps for iOS and Android now enable people to use their devices to remotely access their Windows PC if configured by the administrator.  This feature is already available through the Company Portal for Windows 8.0/RT, and requires Windows Intune connected to a Configuration Manager environment. 

Windows Intune Company Portal apps for iOS and Android are being updated in the App Store and Google Play; people having Windows Intune to manage these devices will be alerted to the updates in same manner any other app is updated in those stores.

These updates will begin rolling out to customers beginning today, with the deployment complete for all customers around May 21.   New trial and paid subscriptions created after May 9 will automatically have these new updates.  Customers using Windows Intune with Configuration Manager should see these new capabilities be made available through Extensions for Windows Intune mid-May.

Windows Intune is part of Microsoft’s broader enterprise mobility solution, and beginning May 1, we’re making it available in the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) that includes Windows Intune, Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, and Azure AD Rights Management Services.  You can read more about this in Brad Anderson’s “Enterprise Mobility for Every Business and Every Device” blog from March 27th.

Comments (7)

  1. Robert says:

    Two additional requests for the Intune Team.

    1. Ability to enforce SCAP baseline compliance on mobile endpoints
    2. NAC enforcement capability to deny non-compliant devices access

  2. Robert says:

    Two additional requests for the Intune Team.

    1. Ability to enforce SCAP baseline compliance on mobile endpoints
    2. NAC enforcement capability to deny non-compliant devices access

  3. Mitch Denny says:

    Hi there,

    Does the update to Windows Intune for Windows Phone 8.1 include support for using the new *.appx package format (Universal Apps) or are we limited to deploying applications in the *.xap format. I’ve tried deploying a *.appx bundle but it doesn’t recognise it
    as an app for Windows Phone 8.1, it assumes it is for Windows 8.x.

  4. Richard T. Garza says:

    In order to use the service, you just need an Internet connection and the Windows Intune agent installed on each device you wish to manage. This Windows Intune agent on each device communicates back to the Windows Intune administration console so you can
    efficiently inventory software and hardware assets of your organization through the web-based console. –

  5. Fernando says:

    Ahora no puedo comprar Gracias

  6. Milton says:

    actualisacion de wndos8.1

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