Windows Intune Endpoint Protection (WIEP) Agent Update Coming April 23rd


The Windows Intune service will be releasing an update to our Windows Intune Endpoint Protection (WIEP) agent beginning on 4/23/2013. Microsoft regularly releases anti-malware platform updates to guarantee consistency in protection, performance, robustness, and usability in a malware landscape that is constantly changing.


Restart information:

Since this is an agent update, computers may have to be restarted after the update is applied; in most cases however, a reboot is not required. To better control when this agent update flows down to your machines, please review your 'Windows Intune client agent mandatory updates installation schedule' policy setting.


The Windows Intune Team


Comments (11)

  1. Jon Lynn says:


    If you set the Client Agent Mandatory Update schedule and the Reboot policy to “Yes”, the machine will reboot on your update schedule you’ve defined. When users are logged in they will be prompted to reboot. However if no users are logged in the machine will reboot. If the policy is set to no, the user will never be notified, no reboot will be required. A suggestion would be to schedule your updates to occur during the business day so it doesn’t impact your tasks running overnight.

  2. Michiel Wouters says:

    In the Windows Intune console look for the Policies icon in the navigation pane on the left.

    Policies > All Policies > Modife or Create a Windows Intune Agent Settings Policy > find the settings described in the above blog post.

    You don’t have such a policy by default.

  3. @Walter — that’s a typo. It meant to say 2014

  4. Rich says:

    Any information on what is new in this update?

  5. David says:

    Directions on how to get to these setting would save me time.

  6. Brian Pennington says:

    If we have a pc running a hands free task overnight and the policy is set to prompt the user to restart, will it restart automatically anyway or will it wait for human intervention?

  7. IntuneGeek says:


    1. Log in at
    2. Click in the Left Menu > Policies
    3. All policy rules
    4. Settings of Windows Intune-agent > Modify
    5. Scroll down to updates

    P.S. My portal is in Dutch, so translation is not 100% 😉

  8. SNOIE says:


    Anyone else have problems with Antimalware Service on Windows XP?

  9. Dan_IT says:

    Can you confirm that these updates do not have a deadline set and therefore will never force a restart?

  10. yasmin says:


  11. Walter says:

    This article says 4/23/2013 . Did this occur a year ago? Why am I getting a notice about it now?
    “The Windows Intune service will be releasing an update to our Windows Intune Endpoint Protection (WIEP) agent beginning on 4/23/2013. “

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