Windows Intune Update Available October 18th

In news today, Microsoft announced that on October 18th, eligible customers will able to download Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, and use the latest update to Windows Intune. On the same day, Windows 8.1 will be available to consumers and businesses worldwide.  You can get the details of this important announcement in Microsoft Vice President Brad Anderson's blog, "Mark Your Calendars for October 18th, the R2 Wave is Coming".

While you’re there, be sure to check out Brad’s special blog series on “What’s New in 2012 R2” for an in-depth look at the key innovations of the R2 product wave.  You’ll also want to download the preview bits here to get started with the new releases today! 

Don’t forget to join @WindowsIntune and Brad Anderson @InTheCloudMSFT on Twitter for more exciting news on the 2012 R2 product lineup!

Comments (5)

  1. Ray Avila says:

    Is there any information available about what will be new in the upcoming update of Windows Intune?

  2. MarkWheatley says:

    I was told that Intune will not manage the 8.1 preview, but my test today shows an 8.1 preview machine as a good Intune 'citizen'.

  3. Neil says:

    MarkW – what was the windows intune client build/version number? I wish I could get my preview computers enrolled.

  4. MarkWheatley says:

    Neil, I see Windows 8.1 Preview OS as well as Windows 8.1 RTM displayed in the Intune Console as "Windows 6.3", which is the kernel version number, build number 9600 for RTM.  Intune Software Inventory shows all the detail version numbers correctly.

    No problems installing the Intune agents on Preview or RTM Windows 8.1.  The OS version and edition names should resolve after the upcoming Service Update.

  5. MarkWheatley says:

    Neil, you had asked about the Intune Client version, which is 7.9.11540.0 on all clients from XP to Win8.1.

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