Moving to the new Windows Intune release

As most of you know, Microsoft released an updated version of Windows Intune in June 2012.  In today’s blog post we’ll walk through the process to activate your new features in Windows Intune, how the process will work and everything you need to know to jump into the June 2012 release.

In July, each of you received a notice on your System Overview page informing you about the upcoming update for October 2011 customers:

Starting in September, you’ll be able to access our update tool which is built into the Administrator section of your Administrator Console.  For customers without Office 365, you will create a new account.  For customers that already have a Microsoft Online Service ID (Office 365, etc.) you’ll be able to enter that ID in and upgrade your account directly.

Prior to your update occurring, Microsoft will be performing some maintenance.  5-10 days prior to the maintenance a notice will appear in your Administrator Console with the following information:

At this point you have no action items and nothing of you is required.  Once your maintenance is complete, you’ll receive the message below on your System Overview which gives a brief overview of the update process:


Once you receive this message you can open your Administrator Section in the Administrator Console:


If you already have a Microsoft Online Services ID (Office 365, etc) you should click Provide my user ID.  If you do not have a Microsoft Online Services ID, please click the Create a user ID link.


Once you click the option that best suites you, you’ll be taken to the Windows Intune Account Portal signup/sign-in page.  If you choose to create a new user ID you will be sent to a page that looks similar to this:


Fill out all the correct information and hit “I accept and continue”.  Once that is completed you’ll be brought back to the Windows Intune Admin Console.

If you already have a Microsoft Online Services ID (Office 365, etc.) you will be presented with the dialog below.  Once you hit “I accept” you will be taken into the account portal to complete some account information.  In both cases the update may take up to 15 minutes so please be patient.


When the upgrade is finished you will be logging into Windows Intune at new URLs:

After you’ve logged in you’ll be able to enjoy new features such as Azure Active Directory, Mobile Device Management, iOS and Android software deployment and many other great features.


Jon L. – Microsoft
Windows Intune Support Engineer

Comments (5)

  1. Don Crawford says:

    So, where is the Windows 7/8 download in Wave 3?  The community documentation is totally wrong: all albout mocp.

    Don Crawford

    KAMIND MS Partner

  2. Hi Don,

    The software download can be found by logging in to the Intune Account Portal (IAP) at using your new Organizational ID. Once logged in, along the left hand side underneath Subscriptions, click on SOFTWARE. This will take you to the correct place.

    I'll also look into fixing the community documentation; thanks for pointing that out.



  3. Windows 8 says:

    What happens with Windows 8? When is it going to be officialy supported?

  4. Jon Lynn says:


    Windows Intune will support Windows 8 sometime after it is generally available.  For more information please review this post:…/what-s-next-with-windows-intune.aspx


    Jon L. – MSFT

  5. MT says:

    when will intune be upgraded to the dec 2012 Version?

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