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Microsoft has released a major update to Windows Intune that will add a host of much-awaited features, including the ability to import your Active Directory User and Security Groups; mobile device management; the introduction of information worker portals, and more. If you are not familiar with Windows Intune, we recommend that you read the Windows Intune Product Guide for a detailed overview of all the features of Windows Intune. This guide is intended to provide you with information about the new features and updates that are specific to this latest Windows Intune release.

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With this release, Windows Intune extends the reach of its management solution and enhances existing features with the following improvements:

  • An enhanced Windows Intune administration console and the new Windows Intune account portal improve your management experience and provide you with user-centric management capabilities, so that you can manage users as well as devices.
  • The ability to integrate Windows Intune with your on-site Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS) environment makes it possible for you to synchronize users and security groups in Active Directory DS to Windows Intune, so that they appear in the Windows Intune account console, and you can select which users you want to manage with Windows Intune.
  • The management reach of the Windows Intune service has now been extended to include mobile devices such as phones and tablets.
  • The new Windows Intune and Windows Intune mobile company portals provide your users with self-service capabilities. As a result, they can install available applications on their computers and mobile devices as needed, and they can perform other common tasks without needing to call your IT help desk. 



The Windows Intune Team

Comments (2)

  1. LowellP says:

    Are there any more details as to what specifically the Mobile Device Management portion adds?  For example, can we rapidly deploy a set of "standard" yet publicly-available apps (i.e. Adobe Acrobat Reader, SkyDrive, etc.) to customers' Windows Phones?

  2. Hi LowellP –

    Yes, the Product Guide (linked above) has a full breakdown of everything you can do with Mobile Device Management in this release. A few highlights are:

    + Gain visibility into which devices are connected to the corporate environment and control which devices can connect to your Exchange servers.

    + Deploy security policies and device access rules to Exchange connected devices such as Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices and manage device compliance

    + Retire and wipe lost or stolen mobile devices

    + Provision and consumption line of business (LOB) mobile applications to supported mobile devices

    + Enable information workers to engage with IT through Windows Intune company portals.

    Specific to app distribution, this release of Windows Intune supports app distribution to iOS and Android devices.

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