Adding the Windows Intune Client to an Operating System Deployment Image

Paul and Rich go through the detailed steps required to add the Windows Intune client software to an operating system deployment image.  Additional details can also be found in the online help topic here.


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  1. Bob McCormick says:

    Great info – and the first part of this video is really of value to everyone using Intune as it explains the process of how an install is accomplished.

  2. znack says:

    Could you share the registry key necessary?

  3. You can find the details in the onlie help topic:…/hh397411.aspx

  4. JFen says:

    Couldn't you accomplish the same thing in MDT by adding an application install to a task sequence that runs:

    msiexec.exe /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress /i Windows_Intune_x64.msi

    This is how I'm accomplishing right now and it works perfectly.  Am I missing something?  

    If it could stage the install on the reference pc, adding a delayed enrollment to the next reboot (after image deployed to new machine), this would be cool.  Seems like it isn't doing this though.  

  5. Rich says:

    @ JFen, Intune works fine with MDT too but many customers either don't use MDT or have OEMs customizing the computer builds and they can't use MDT so this method has the advantage of working without MDT.

    The PrepareEnroll switch is creating a sceduled task that will run on the target computer after deployment. However that task will only execute once the script is run to add the Reg Key. Once the reg key is added to the target computer the schedule task will run every hour until successful enrollment.

    I have been asked why have this reg key as it sounds unnessary, the reason is simple without it you run the risk that the sceduled task will run on the Reference computer before you finish the customization. By only running the Reg Key script on the Target computer you make sure only the Target is ever enrolled.

  6. Eoin says:

    JFen – just to give you an example of a real world scenario where this is useful; we have MDT available to us, but in some locations we'll be installing from offline media and won't have internet access when the image is deployed.

    This technique allows us to automate the Intune deployment in our image deployment and be confident that the machines will register with Intune when they have internet access.

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