Multi-Account Dashboard Enhancements

If you have access to multiple Windows Intune accounts, then you will have seen the multi-account dashboard.  To have access to multiple accounts, the Live ID you use to log into Windows Intune must have been added as an administrator to more than one account.  The multi-account dashboard displays a summary view of all those accounts, and allows you to easily move from one account to the other.  This is especially useful if your organization has more than one Windows Intune account, perhaps for licensing,organizational,  or billing reasons, or if you are a managed service provider who is using Windows Intune to manage a number of your customers’ IT environments.

multi-account console

In this release of Windows Intune, we have made a number of enhancements to the multi-account dashboard that improves its usefulness and versatility.

There is now a ‘summary’ status symbol displayed to the left of the account name, so you can quickly scan your list of accounts for those with potential issues.  The summary status represents the most negative status of all of those displayed on the right of the account name.  You can now click once to select an account in the list and display more detailed dashboard information in the lower portion of the screen.  As shown in the example above, the ‘Blue Yonder IT’ account is selected and you can see that the agent health, policy, updates, and software statuses are all green, there are two alerts displayed (one critical and one warning), and that one computer requires follow up. Clicking on the next account in the list displays its detailed status:

multi-account console-2

Double-clicking on an account will take you into that account so you can respond to any issues displayed in the account detail pane.  When you are in an account, you can easily go back to the account list using the ‘Switch to another account’ link in the upper right corner of the Windows Intune console.

For those of you with a large number of accounts, filters have been added to allow you to display only the accounts that meet certain conditions.  You can also perform searches for accounts using full or partial search criteria:

multi-account console filters


These are examples of some of the features we have added to Windows Intune to support a wide range of customer use scenarios, such as managed service providers, and organizations using numerous Windows Intune accounts to manage their IT environments.  We hope they make using windows Intune a beneficial and rewarding experience!

Comments (2)

  1. You just made the weekend of quite a few consulting shops.  Every week you guys come out with some outstanding features.  Can't wait to see what pops its head out next week.

    One thing I would like to see is more granular control using policies, and not just policies that control the products contained in Intune.  Maybe some Office GPOs and basic house-keeping stuff like timeserver, wallpapers, screensavers, etc.

  2. Bob Hyatt says:

    Where do I add the windows live id as admin, when we try and add a user it only allows us to add a user with an email address on the same domain, for example our domain is but we want to add as an admin user so that he can view the status of and

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