Deploying Software Applications with Windows Intune

In this video, Richard and Paul talk about the Software Distribution feature in Windows Intune.  They describe how to create software packages, tips and tricks for creating them, uploading them,  and then how to distribute them to your PCs.  The video is a little long but very informative and worth watching.  Enjoy!


Comments (3)

  1. Eric Barb says:

    This looks different then my console, is this the new beta?

  2. Correct, this is a new feture that was released with the beta on July 11.  Look at our previous blog posts for guidance on how to sign up for a beta account.

  3. Scripts via Software distribution says:

    So what happens if I put cmd.exe plus a script (eg a .cmd file) to be distributed (eg win 7 x64 cmd.exe limited to windows 7 x64 machines) and use a command line like "/k myscript.cmd" – would that give me scripting ability?  Would I be breaking licensing models by doing this?

    Just a thought.


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