We Want You Back!

One of the great benefits of a service is that when new enhancements or features are introduced, you get them right away without any effort. The Windows Intune beta has been pretty quiet these last two months, and this is because the engineering team has been hard at work ‘tweaking’ the service. Some of the changes are a direct result of your feedback, while some changes were made as a result of our service monitoring activities. We want to ensure that the service we release is solid, reliable and meets your needs.

So, as of February 25, we have made a few changes and updates. We want to encourage anyone who has a beta account to come back and try it out. Here’s a summary of some of the changes you will see (as mentioned, a lot of the changes are under the covers, so you won’t see any obvious differences, but we hope the service will run more efficiently):

New client download package: We combined the x86 and x64 clients into one download. Now, you only need to download your client once and unzip it. Note that there is an account certificate that is included in the package now, and it needs to be in the same folder as the client when you install it on computers.

Please make sure that the temporary internet files/browser cache is cleared before you access the site. If the browser is already opened please close all the instances of the browser before deleting the cache.

For IE 9:  Tools, Internet options, under browser history click on “Delete”, Make sure “Temporary Internet files” and “Download History “check boxes are  checked, Click Delete, Click “OK”

For IE 8: Tools, Internet options, under browser history click on “Delete”, Make sure “Temporary Internet files” and “ History “check boxes are  checked, Click Delete, Click “OK”

Redesigned Windows Update Agent: The way updates are handled on managed computers has changed. Because of this, you will need to download a new client to deploy to any new machines you want to add to your beta account after February 25. Clients you deployed prior to this service upgrade will continue to operate normally.

Enhancements to the way malware works: You now have the latest malware client included in the Windows Intune client.  This new agent now offers network traffic inspection in addition to the disk I/O scanning the was previously available. It also includes heuristic detection capabilities, so detection is no longer strictly definitions-based.

We encourage you to log into the service if you haven’t done so in a while. Download your new client package and deploy it to a few machines. Take a moment to post a comment or feedback about your experiences in the Windows Intune forum, or in Microsoft Feedback Explorer. Let us know what works for you and what didn’t.

Stay tuned for more updates on Windows Intune!

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  1. CastleAlley says:

    Paul, we have been using Windows Intune since last year. and I would like to say this is one perfect example of how cloudservcies will change the IT industry in a very positive way.

    Microsoft thank you for delivering such great enhancements in Windows system administration.

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