The Software Catalog Behind Windows Intune

Collecting software inventory is one thing…using that information effectively is quite another.  Software catalogs are used to ‘prepare’ inventory data and present it in an intelligent manner that supports the activties you are doing while managing your IT environment.  In this video, Annmarie, who works as a software catalog researcher on the Windows Intune team, explains the benefits of the software catalog, and how it helps you make sense of your software inventory.


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  1. Richard Nilsson says:

    Does it allow user to request the software to be installed too? And if so, what's the process and mechanism behind it to make that being distributed to the user? I actually thought Intune was positioned NOT to do OS and software distribution, which seems to be a GAP in your cloud services, so if this is something you're looking at covering too, then that's great!

    I've been doing software governance in a couple of large enterprises (20,000 – 70,000 users) including designing, implementing and managing software catalogues – although that's just one out of many components in the overall software governance picture… if you're interested, see my blog article on

    Any chance you can squeeze me into the Intune beta so I can provide you with some feedback in this area? Or if Annmarie is interested in sharing ideas and experiences from large enterprises then she's welcome to contact me…  

    Many thanks,


    richard ( dot ) nilsson ( at )

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