Service Status in Windows Intune

One of the important things in managing a service like Windows Intune is making sure you, the customers, have ready access to information to help you achieve maximum benefit.  This not only includes information like help files and FAQ’s, but also information about the service itself.

To help with this, we have put together the Windows Intune status site, which allows you to quick see what is going on with the service.  If for some reason you are having difficulty logging in to Windows Intune, this is a place you can check to see if the are any issues before you open a support ticket.

Since the windows Intune service is available internationally, it is hosted in a number of Microsoft data centers around the world.  The first part of the status page gives status on these data centers.  The status page also lists the scheduled maintenance windows, so you’re kept aware of any planned outages.  Finally, the site will tell you if there have been any recent issues.

This is one way we plan to provide visibility into the service, so you know what’s happening all the time.  As always, we welcome your feedback, thoughts and comments on ways we can make Windows Intune a PC management and security service that will help you get more value from your IT dollars.

Comments (1)

  1. MB says:

    A bit late to the comment party, but it would be nice to have an RSS feed for it much like the one for Office 365 status.


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