Where has the Summer Gone?

Here we are, in the final days of August, and what a great summer it’s been!  Here at Windows Intune, we saw an amazing uptake of our first beta, all the available spaces taken up within the first days of its release.  Our next beta, released in July, and also saw a great reception with three times the participation.  People came, they kicked the tires, tried out various features and left lots of valuable feedback.  This feedback helped us work out some last minute kinks as we work towards making Windows Intune commercially available, but also gave us lots to think about as we sit down and figure out where we want to take the service in the future.

Looking back over the past few months, a lot of things stand out:

  • Some great feedback has come in, describing both the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of our customers.  This really helps us drive future requirements and helps us prioritize what we do next.
  • Great deployment statistics…a significant percentage of our beta customers deployed client software to PCs, many far exceeded minimum 5-PC requirement.  One customer worked with us on a special project and successfully pushed Windows Intune out to over 2500 PCs!
  • There has been a tremendous amount of interest in Windows Intune from the managed–services community.  They see it as a great addition to their suite of Microsoft management tools that will allow them to deliver IT services more cheaply and efficiently.
  • We have seen good reception of Windows Intune in the European market, particularly in the UK, France and Germany.
  • A great deal of internal excitement as well, as Microsoft field representatives learned about our first cloud-based PC management solution.  They are excited and eager to share Windows Intune with their customers.

We appreciate the input we have received from our beta customers so far, and we hope that we you have seen so far will encourage you to move to a paid subscription when the service becomes available.  We are poised for a successful launch of Windows Intune…stay tuned for details!

Comments (2)

  1. Salam Najim says:


    I have a technical question: How the client software knows which Intunes portal that it should connect itself to?by other means is there is something different in msi packets that are downloaded form intutue portal for each user.


  2. Correct, each MSI is unique for it's own account.  This is accomplished by using a digital certificate that uniquely identified the PC and the account to the service.

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