The Importance of User Experience Research

At Windows Intune, we love hearing from our users. This entry’s about another method we use to gather and act upon input from our customers.

Windows Intune works closely with a team of user experience professionals (a researcher and two designers) to deliver the right user experience (UX). In a world where every decision comes down to weighing tradeoffs, we (the user experience team) are here to inform product decisions and directions based on an accurate and comprehensive understanding of our users’ needs. Our aim is to craft innovative, intuitive, and user-focused UX solutions.

Since some of you will provide us feedback along the way, I wanted to share with you how the feedback we get from our users gets incorporated into the design of Windows Intune.

As Windows Intune researchers and designers, we are involved early in the product lifecycle and continue to research and iterate on designs even after the product has been shipped, to inform the next version. The researcher and designers are a part of a larger team of user experience professionals working with IT Professionals: the Management and Administration eXperience (MAX) Team. Here is the UX Process defined by the MAX team:


Our studies follow these phases.

– For example, we get involved early on to define the user workflows and requirements during the Analysis & Exploration phase. During this phase, we might conduct site visits and exploratory interviews to find out our users’ current experiences and needs around main Windows Intune scenarios. 

– During the Iterative Design & Test phase, we iterate through a series of first low-, then high-fidelity prototypes. These prototypes are designed to address the user needs defined in the exploratory phase. We review our designs with users early and often. These studies tend to be in-the-lab sessions at Microsoft, where users are invited to provide feedback on the latest designs.

– These designs and user findings are then used to inform UI and Feature specifications for Windows Intune, which are used by PMs, Developers, and Testers during the Implementation phase. Just as we are doing currently, we might then run Beta programs to gather feedback on how Windows Intune is used in the real-world, to file any bugs discovered by our customers, and to help prioritize what functionality to add in future versions.

– Finally, we collect feedback on the final version of the product during fit-and-finish and post-release work, filing final bugs, and measuring the user experience based on customers’ success and satisfaction with Windows Intune for the core scenarios.

If you would like to provide any feedback to the UX Team, please continue to use the Feedback Explorer and the Forum. Forum entries like this one about “Intune Feature List” both make my day and help make Windows Intune a better product. If you have some feedback, the Windows Intune team is always glad to hear it!

Written by Valentina Grigoreanu, a UX researcher on the Windows Intune team

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