Windows Intune has launched!

Quite a few of you have heard that the next Windows Intune beta is now available.  It was announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC yesterday.  The Windows Team blog includes a lot of information about this beta release, including new features aimed at partners, what the pricing will be, and estimated general availability.

Last beta release was limited to 1000 participants, and we got great feedback from our customers!  This time around, we are opening it up to 10,000 customers so a lot more people will have a chance to try it out.  Remember that if you plan to sign up for the beta, you should plan to deploy your Windows Intune client software to at least 5 PCs (your beta account will allow you to deploy to a maximum of 25 PCs, so feel free to go crazy!).  Beta programs like this are all about getting quality feedback so we can deliver a top quality service that will help solve the IT challenges you may be facing.  We want to know:

  • What you like
  • What you don’t like
  • What you think is missing
  • What doesn’t work for you

Your active participation is what will make Windows Intune great !  You can post questions and discussion topics in out Technet forum.  The forum is moderated by the Windows Intune team and you’ll see a lot of replies by Microsoft people, but we also encourage you to post replies to other customers’ post as well.  It all about the community, and we want to make sure the voice of the customer is heard loud and clear.

We also have another feedback tool we’d like to make you aware of. The Microsoft Feedback Explorerhas been set up to capture your feedback so it can be compiled and reviewed by the Windows Intune team. This is a great way to get your feedback directly to the team!  As you navigate through the Windows Intune experience, please take the time to capture your thoughts comments, and input.

As always, your participation is valued and appreciated!


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