Performance in Windows Intune

Running a cloud service means focusing on reliability, stability and performance for our customers.  The Windows Intune performance team is dedicated to testing our service as thoroughly as possible so our users can have a great experience.

One key metric is how fast the User Interface responds to requests. This sounds simple, but it’s complicated by the fact that we’re always processing data in the background. In order to measure the true user experience, not only do we have to track simulated activity in the UI, but we also have to load up Windows Intune’s database with a large number of simulated accounts and clients. Of course, every account is different in how many computers it might have, what sort of updates the administrator might approve, how many remote assistance requests an admin will handle, and how many policies the admin creates – among many other factors!

On top of all that, we also need to verify the load we generate doesn’t cause our servers to catch on fire. It hasn’t happened yet, but some might argue our job isn’t done until at least one computer bursts into flames.  

Please let us know how the UI “feels” in terms of response time! We love getting customer feedback, since it helps us focus on specific areas. Also send feedback if you’ve ever accidentally set a machine aflame. Customer feedback in that area won’t be as helpful, but it will be entertaining!

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