Damion’s Take on Remote Assistance

Hello, my name is Damion Wiltshire and I work on the Remote Assistance team.  Though several teams come together to make this feature happen, you can think of us as the team to contact when you want to talk about anything Remote Assistance.  Windows Intune Beta 3 has been released for a little over one month now and we have received some good questions and feedback on the Windows Intune Forum.  Our main focus now is to test this feature as much as possible and attempt to apply all the feedback our beta customers send us.


It’s been quite a month.  We had a limit on the amount of beta customers we wanted to take for this release and expected to take a month to reach that quota.  However, we surpassed that quota in about a day and a half.  The usage in the first month enabled us to discover and fix some key bugs early in the release.  Keep using the product and we’ll keep testing so that we all can look forward to releasing a high quality service!



I think just about everyone here betas Windows Intune (

Paul, Kevin, Mark Gray and I share an account).  I have it installed on most of my work and personal computers.  I try to install it on as many computers as possible so that there is plenty of data to view on the console.  I even managed to install it on my girlfriend’s mother’s computer!  A good thing I did, because it really helped us out a few weekends ago.  She was trying to buy an airplane ticket and was running into an error.  After a long conversation, I still could not figure out what was wrong.  I eventually told her to request a remote session.  After I joined her session successfully, she showed me what she was trying to do and the subsequent error she was seeing.  After playing with a few IE settings, I was able to fix her issue.  It felt great to accomplish a scenario we specifically designed this product to do!  I felt like a real IT Pro (OK, not really 🙂 ). Keep in mind that though this made for a good beta experience, Windows Intune is not intended for personal use.



Anyway, in the midst of testing, we’re also trying to figure out what’s next for Windows Intune.  I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, feedback, funny stories, etc. on the product.  Feel free to leave comments below.  Go Windows Intune!



Written by Damion Wiltshire, Program Manager on the Windows Intune Team

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