I Think They Like Us…


In this initial limited-availability beta of Windows Intune, we anticipated that all the available accounts would get used up within the first month.  Amazingly, all the available accounts were snapped up within the first 30 hours!!  We opened the online services enrollment portal yesterday morning at 9:00 AM PST, and just an hour ago, we had to close it down because we met (and exceeded, I might add) our targeted number of accounts. 

Thanks to all of you who signed up, but now the fun really begins.  We need you to deploy your Windows Intune beta clients to as many computers as you can and start kicking the tires.  Try out all the features and post your comments and feedback in our discussion forum.  If you’re looking for help in doing this, the first post on this blog site contained guidance on how to get help using the Windows Intune beta service.

For those of you who didn’t sign up in time to get a beta account, have a look at some of the videos over on our TechCenter site, and browse the FAQ.  And don’t be discouraged!  There will be more opportunities to try Windows Intune in the future.  Stay tuned for more information!

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