Process Affinity and Windows HPC Server 2008 SP1

An issue came to our attention after Windows HPC Server 2008 shipped regarding the way we set affinity on the processes within a job.  There are actually two places where we set affinity: 1.       The Node Manager (the service on each node responsible for starting jobs and tasks) sets processor affinity on each task to…


Issue with HPC Event Logs with HPC Pack SP1

Some customers have reported issues with the HPC Job Scheduler’s event logs after installing Service Pack 1 for the HPC Pack.  After some internal investigation, it looks like there is an issue with the SP1 Patch Installer which fails to correctly update the event log manifests (making it so you don’t see events in the…


a clusrun bug

We’ve had reports of a bug with clusrun, specifically that environment variables set using the /env flag to clusrun may or may not get propagated to compute nodes when the clusrun job is run.  For example, doing "clusrun /env:test=ItWorked set" would result in some nodes reporting the test variable as set and others reporting it…


a powershell problem

We’ve gotten reports of an installation glitch that makes it so that node management cmdlets won’t work when run from a remote client (they’ll work just fine run on the headnode) due to a registry key that doesn’t always get set up correctly.  Fortunately, there is a simple work around!  If you are trying to…


7 Minute Job Scheduling Thrill-Ride

Shahrokh was nice enough to film and post a video of me walking through the HPC Job Scheduler and some of its new features at SuperComputing 2008.  You can check out the video up on YouTube. In the video I cover many of the different scheduler interfaces and policies, so it’s a great primer for…


Creating Submission and Activation Filters

There were a lot of questions about how to use Activation and Submission Filters to help customize queue managmeent and do things like license-aware scheduling.  That, on top of some changes made in a QFE, led us to do an updated doc on using filters.  You can check it out here:   It contains…


Clusrunning with Windows HPC Server 2008

One of our most popular features in the Compute Cluster Pack was clusrun (known to you GUI users as “Remote Command Execution”), which allowed you to run a command line command across a set of cluster nodes in parallel, with their output piped back to you on the client.  Not content to rest on our…


MPI Process Placement with Windows HPC Server 2008

We get an awful lot of questions about how to go about getting the desired process placement across nodes in an MPI job (just check our forums if you don’t believe me), so I thought I’d post here to shed some light on the things that are possible.   Requesting Resources The first thing you…


How to Submit a Job

I was asked today where there was a quick explanation of how to submit a job from the command line, and I realized that I didn’t have a really good answer. So I figured I’d do a blog post (first in a while, I know!) on how to do this.   Starting Simple Let’s say…


Job Template White Paper is Now Available

We’ve posted a white paper on how Job Templates can help you manage your cluster.  You can check out the white paper here: