Announcing the availability of MPI support on Azure Batch

Update: We have a published the detail on

We are happy to announce today the release of MPI support on Azure Batch services.

We have released a service update recently with several feature enhancements, MPI support being the most important of them. MPI support is provided through a new feature in Batch called multi-instance task. Azure customer can now submit and run MPI tasks on their Batch pools globally. For now, only MS-MPI on Windows platform has been fully tested but we are working on support of other platform and MPI libraries.

Furthermore, by simply using MS-MPI on A8/A9 pool, Batch MPI tasks can fully leverage the high speed low latency RDMA network on those Azure VMs - no extra work needed.

A detail article on how to build, compile, and run a MPI program on Batch will be published soon.

We will also talk about other feature enhancement in a series of blogs so stay tuned to our blog.

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  1. anonymouscommenter says:

    We are excited to announce the first major service update of Azure Batch since the service GA in July

  2. anonymouscommenter says:

    このポストは、1 月 20 日に投稿された Azure Batch service update (December 2015) の翻訳です。
    このたび Azure Batch サービスのメジャー

  3. jhon says:

    Hi, this is so much interersting as I am building a MS-MPI app but I can see the benefits of doing all in the cloud. Can you please let me know how it is i mplemented?

  4. @Jhon, We use standard MS-MPI library to support MPI application. There is also a smpd program that’s customized for Azure Batch service. Under the hood, Batch MPI is implemented with multi-instance task mechanism that’s described at

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