Windows HPC @ TechEd 2008

Heading to TechEd 2008?  Discover some of the exciting technologies the HPC Server 2008 team is working on.

Developer Week Sessions

INF301 Application Development for High Performance Computing on the Windows Platform, June 5, 10:15AM - 11:30AM, S230A    

INF302 Parallel Computing and HPC Technologies @ Microsoft, Wednesday, June 4 10:15AM - 11:30AM, S220A

ITPro Week Sessions

SVR57-TLC Introducing Windows HPC Server 2008, June 11, 12:00PM-12:45PM

SPC451 Black Belt in Optimizing High Performance Computing Applications for Windows HPC Server 2008, June 12, 1:00PM-2:15PM, N310E

SPC351 Advanced Management and Deployment, June 13, 10:15AM-11:30AM     

SPC450 Advanced SOA-Based Scheduling with Windows High Performance Computing Server 2008, June 13, 4:30PM-5:45PM, S310C

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