Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode no longer require HAV processors

The Virtual PC team is thrilled to announce the availability of KB977206 which allows our customers to use Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode on non-HAV (Hardware-Assisted Virtualization) machines.  Windows XP Mode continues to use hardware virtualization such as Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) or the AMD-V™ chipset when available but it no longer requires them.   A number of our customers and partners have been asking us to support a wider range of PC’s including those without HAV capability and we have delivered this software patch to address their needs.  We believe that this change simplifies the customer experience and makes this benefit accessible to many more PCs.

Download the software update for 32-bit host operating systems from here and for 64-bit host operating systems from here.

The KB article describes the various scenarios under which the software update must be installed. Ensure that Windows Virtual PC is installed before applying this fix.

Some FAQ’s around this update:

Q: How do I check the HAV capability of my machine?

A: Download and run the Microsoft Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool.  Go through the user guide for detailed description of the result.

Q: I have a machine with a HAV enabled processor, which has Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode running.  Do I need to apply this fix?

A: Short Answer – No

Long Answer – The fix is primarily targeted for non-HAV machines.  If you have a functioning setup, then you can opt to not apply this fix.  However please note that this update contains the fix for the power state issue seen (with Windows Virtual PC installed) on Intel® Clarkdale/Arrandale processor ( and it is recommended that you apply this update on that specific hardware.  If you are an IT Administrator with a heterogeneous mixture of machines (HAV plus non-HAV machines), you can deploy this fix on all the machines.  The user experience and performance on a HAV enabled machine before and after applying this fix will continue to be the same.

Q: I have a machine with a HAV capable processor (i.e the HAV setting is not enabled in the BIOS yet).  Do I need to apply this fix?

A: For Windows XP Mode (or any Windows XP SP3 guest OS) users, we expect the performance to be comparable on HAV and non-HAV processors, however if you are planning to use any other guest OS we recommend that you enable the HAV setting in the BIOS rather than applying the patch.

Q: I have a non-HAV box and I wish to use a Windows Vista/Windows 7 VM using Windows Virtual PC.  Is it possible?

A: This fix is primarily targeted towards users who need to run their productivity applications in Windows XP Mode (or any Windows XP SP3 virtual machine) on non-HAV machines.  Hence you would need a HAV capable processor if you need to run a Windows Vista or Windows 7 virtual machine on Windows Virtual PC with acceptable performance.


Praveen Vijayaraghavan

Program Manager, Microsoft Virtualization Team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am looking forward to the addition of supporting 64 bit guest machines so that I would be able to demostrate something without have to carrying around two machines.

  2. Rick says:

    Q: What about the known issue with this update, namely "you may be unable to copy and paste files between Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode (or any other virtual machine)."?

    What does "may" mean?  The workaround described is not really ideal for us, so considering that VPC2007 didn’t have this problem, it would be nice if this version didn’t either.

    Speaking of which, XP Mode aside, is the new VPC actually an upgrade over VPC2007?  If so, in what ways?

  3. Virtualizationcrazyguy says:

    So after installing, I ran XP for a while, then made sure I shut down. Then in the VHD settings, I converted the HDD from a differencing VDD to a single merged dynamically expanding one. But now XP Mode can’t start any longer?

  4. BigFail says:

    Windows Virtual PC is a big fail. I installed XP Mode. It completed successfully and auto publish is enabled, I have checked the registry to make sure my app is not blacklisted, put the shortcut in All users Start menu, logged out and hibernated yet my Start menu in Windows 7 only contains shortcuts to XP Mode and WVPC. Not a single shortcut to any app under an "XP Mode Applications" folder as I see in screenshots. Auto publish is a broken mess. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling but to no avail.

  5. james says:

    I have installed, but cannot update XP Mode (as it cannot activate as the Key included is "not a legal key/already activated".  What can be done about this, as I wouldn’t want to run just a 30-day "trial" of XP mode.  I also don’t have a "XP Mode" nor "Virtual PC folder in All Programs after installing per directions on the web site, and had to change permissions to get the VHD out of "read only mode".  Any help?  email= james at

  6. Marcos Nogueira says:

    For when Windows Virtual PC will support x64 platform? I am sick of using VMWare and other software …

  7. Ronald says:

    Is it possible to force Virtual PC to not use HAV?

    I use VPC only for testing things under XPMode; I use Virtualbox (Linux guest) a lot more, so i’d like VPC not to monopolise on it while it could be much more useful for Virtualbox.

  8. Marcelo says:

    e necessario esse recurso para todos os usuarios

  9. Marcelo says:

    e necessario esse recurso para todos os usuarios

  10. Raj says:


  11. Raj says:


  12. Lynn Dye says:

    The change to the hardware requirement made using the Virtual XP mode possible for me! Allowing a licensed copy of XP w/SP3 on it made things so much easier. Thanks!

  13. nikolaos koniaris says:

    How can i have "windows XP for windows 7 – Home Premium"???

  14. Andrew greenhill says:

    I cant even get xp mode to download . Toshiba s500 running wind7 pro 32 bit

    Anyone help

  15. HowMuchIsENOUGH says:

    XP was OK for me and my enterprise.  Why does Microsoft implement such a complicated and ressource consuming (i mean human and natural ressources) mess only to give us what we need and want?

    Why cant they admit that Windows Vista and Windows 7 is a mess in many many details?  

    Start over with selling and supporting XP again, and you will make more money.

    Remember that you cannot blow every ballon as much as you like, at one moment it make BUFFF, and you will loose completely.  Microsoft is playing with the fire and approaching the point where customer patience makes BUFFF and they will look for alternatives.

  16. milko70 says:

    what about uninstall the xp mode after installing the KB977206 fix to run virtual PC with non-HAV processor? are there problems to run again the machine with the only windows7 system?

  17. Jeff25 says:

    This is turned in to a shooting match between me and VPC. It can not find the network like I would like and does not install a printer that is hooked direct. Boy did I fall. Why wreck a good thing with a poor hack

  18. Ben says:

    after having spent a few days trying to get xpmode to work, i have to admit that the entire thing is a giant disaster. windows 7 (and vista even more so) is an embarrassment, and makes me realize how much of a delight it is to run XP on my main machine

  19. wow says:

    it doesnt let me download it it says CONTINUE omg

  20. slvio says:

    how do I get a .iso file???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. LAW says:

    All I am seeing here is questions without answers.  That and the apparent fact that the product does not work.

  22. Eugenio says:

    Mi sistema operativo es un XP, y quisiera actualizarlo a windows7, pero por los comentarios que contemplo, no acabo de tenerlo del todo claro. Desearía algo más de información. Saludos

  23. kinda says:

    How can i have "windows XP for windows 7 – Home Premium"???

  24. The Fish says:

    This whole VirtualBox vs Windows Virtual PC is a pointless comparison.  The two products are not meant to deliver the same kind of user experience.

    Windows VPC (the “new” one – not Virtual PC 2007) is primarily designed as a shell for running Windows XP applications under Windows 7 as seamlessly as possible.  Notice I said “Windows XP applications” and not just “Windows XP”.  Microsoft isn’t trying to give you something you can use to virtualize all kinds of alternative operating systems.  They are trying to give us a nice seamless way for clueless “office types” to run archaic Windows XP apps on Windows 7 without realizing they are running virtualized.  The primary strength of WVPC is *not* delivering a full virtualized desktop. If that’s what you want run VirtualBox or some other product.  But if you want to click an icon on your desktop and launch some archaic 16-bit Windows 3.1 app that still ran under XP but doesn’t run on Windows 7 then WVPC is your friend.

    Try explaining to the average receptionist that her “desktop” in application “xyz” isn’t really the same “desktop” as in every other application because she’s really running application “xyz” on some mysterious thing called a “virtual computer”.  This is where WVPC with auto-publish comes in.  Put an icon on the desktop and be done with it!

  25. khalil says:

    je veut un lien de telechargement de windows xp VM

  26. Rosey says:

    I have downloaded Windows XP for Virtual PC 2007 from here:…/details.aspx.

    I've got Windows XP running now but am stuck on the login screen because it is asking for a password.  I tried pressing Enter, putting in "password", "PASSWORD", "Password", etc but nothing.  Any idea what the password is so I can move past the login screen?!  Thanks.

  27. Mary says:

    i put dick for windo 7 by exedand i lost window xp i want to suihing back to xp how i do that ples help

  28. Mary says:

    i wand to dleat window 7 i can wark with this window p.s help

  29. Mary says:

    bat why icsapt window 7 i can go bake to xp if ther is free dowinlod xp i presheat thanks

  30. For Mary says:

    Stop smoking that thing while posting

  31. William Scarlett says:

    I am curious as to whether when in the virtual xp mode on Windows 7 Ultimate or Professional, a legacy sound card such as Creative Live; this sound card also has a joystick port, be configured with all of its capabilities, even the joystick port ?

    Win xp is the last OS that would configure the caps of this audio device; Vista will find the device, however, the drivers will not operate in Vista environment.

    If so; that is the set up for me. I like to stay informed and capable in the IT industry, and Win 7 Ultimate can provide that for me; yet and still, I abhor trashing old capabilites; such as joyports, and Win XP can allow that.

    I really hope I get a respond from one of Microsoft's capable programmers.

    Thank you sincerely;


  32. mrwan says:

    How can i have "windows XP for windows 7 ?

  33. Partities maken says:

    I will go check it out when i can:…/partitioneren-hardeschijf

  34. virual pc 1 says:

    windows 1 windows 2 winows3 windows 31 windows 95 windows 98 windows me windows xp

  35. faizan says:

    Sir I am trying to download software update for for 64-bit host operating systems but download didn’t start. I always tried many times to download that update to remove prerequisite of HAV for running of ‘windows XP mode”. Please help

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