Windows Phone app news at Mobile World Congress

Good for Enterprise, a solution that provides secure, encrypted email, will soon be released to the Windows Phone Marketplace. Good for Enterprise complements the secure Windows Phone architecture through the use of the Good enterprise encrypted container, which securely houses data and applications on devices and encrypts all data with strong AES 192-bit encryption.

The Good solution also encrypts any data that’s in transit between devices and servers that reside behind firewalls. This approach extends data protection all the way from the firewall to provisioned devices – regardless of whether the devices are owned by the company or employees. Setup and configuration is straightforward and requires no significant infrastructure changes.

Good for Enterprise uses powerful authentication and encryption technologies, including a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module to protect data-at-rest and data-in-transit. Good Technology implements rigorous internal penetration testing to validate its security design.

For organizations that are currently using Good for Enterprise on other smartphone platforms, support for Windows Phone is a welcome addition. With the Good for Enterprise solution, busy professionals can now choose the innovative experience delivered by Windows Phone and the added security layer offered by the Good solution for secure, encrypted email. To learn more, visit

Also, the much anticipated Skype for Windows Phone beta app is now available for download. Windows Phone users can make and receive voice and video calls and instant messages with anyone else using Skype, whether they are on a Windows Phone or Windows PC or any of the other platforms supported by Skype. It is in beta today and a full-featured version is due later this year. You can download the beta version of the app from Marketplace.

Alan Meeus, Windows Phone Team


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  1. Enterprise Mobile Apps and Beyond says:

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  2. John Bailey says:

    I used GOOD was useless no calendar notifications toast notifications do not work. They clam you can sync contacts you can not. and every now and then it just blows up and you have to reinstall and activate.

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