New Windows Phone Mango details at TechEd!

I am at Microsoft TechEd today in Atlanta. It’s an exiting time, and the Windows Phone team is disclosing some new business capabilities that will be available in the next release of Windows  Phone  code name Mango.  If you want to know what the team has in store for you, have a look at the Windows Phone Team blog.

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  1. life can be easier says:

    LOL, ms really live up to its name being the hardest website to navigate. Trying to find information on window phone and the new mango, (whatever that is, i wouldn't know, cause i haven't find anything useful on it on ms site), it took me 20 clicks and multiple searches before even reaching this page. Which is somewhat related but not really filled up with much details.

    Bing gives all false positives too. If window phone is ms latest effort into the mobile world, and mango beign their next big whatever. Shouldn't information be more readily available.

    What a pain

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