Windows Phone 7 at TechEd North America 2011 – Lessons Learned

This year’s TechEd North America conference (in Atlanta, GA from May 16-19) will include many sessions that focus on Windows Phone 7; click here for a listing.

One focus of this year’s sessions will be to discuss lessons learned from real life deployment and development projects since we introduced Windows Phone 7 last year.


Here are some details on what promise to be some of the more interesting sessions at TechEd North America 2011:

Windows Phone @ Microsoft, by Mark Riley. Mark is the Mobility lead in Microsoft IT and will talk about the deployment of more than 40,000 Windows Phones at Microsoft. Mark will cover lessons learned and how to overcome hurdles when deploying Windows Phone 7 in an enterprise environment.


Understanding Windows Phone Marketplace, with Todd Biggs. Todd is one of the leaders on the Windows Phone team and focuses on Windows Phone Marketplace. If you want to hear how it works and how to get your app to market quickly and painlessly, this is a good session to attend. Todd will also hold an interactive session to answer all your questions and listen to your feedback.


Deploying Windows Phone 7 in the Enterprise, with Darren Hall. Darren is a consultant in the Mobility Center of Excellence in Microsoft Consulting Services, and has been involved in many deployment and development projects over the last year. Darren will cover all technologies and issues an IT organization needs to know about when deploying Windows Phone 7.


Understanding the Windows Phone Development Tools, with Maarten Struys. Maarten is a regular at TechEd and works closely with the Windows Phone developer team. He has consulted on many development projects for Windows Phone apps, and has developed some himself. If you want to learn what works well, this is a good session to attend. Maarten will also hold an interactive session to answer all those hard-core questions from developers.


Connecting Windows Phone 7 to Windows Azure, with Rob Tiffany. Rob is another TechEd regular, and our resident expert on integrating Windows Phone 7 with cloud services. He has been involved in the development of many cloud-connected applications for Windows Phone, and will share his expertise with you. Watch for an interactive session with Rob, too. Great stuff. 


Lessons Learned about Application Performance on Windows Phone, with Maarten Struys. Yes, Maarten again - this time focusing on how to make your Windows Phone app fly. Showing real life examples, Maarten will discuss common performance bottlenecks and how to optimize the performance of your app.


And don’t forget the pre-conference seminar, Mastering Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 on Sunday, May 15. Charles Petzold, writer of the book “Programming Windows Phone 7” (also available as a free downloadable eBook) will teach this seminar which is intended for existing Silverlight programmers who want to code for the phone.


We hope that the Windows Phone track at TechEd North America 2011 will help you successfully integrate Windows Phone 7 in your environment. To register, visit the TechEd Portal; I would love to meet you there. If you can’t make it, you can still participate in the conversation by registering for MyTechEd and participating virtually.

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