Office Mobile on Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 offers numerous opportunities for making the most of work and life, while enabling best-in-class productivity through the all-new Microsoft Office Mobile.


Office Mobile offers unique capabilities on Windows Phone 7 that are not found on any other smartphone. Windows Phone 7 is the only smartphone with Microsoft Office Mobile built-in. It delivers a great finger touch experience to the powerful Office tools that your users are already familiar with. Several features help improve productivity:


The Office Hub provides a single location for easy access to documents, the ability to quickly view, edit, and create documents, and the ability to save them on the phone or email them to others.


In Word Mobile 2010, you can:

  • View and use rich formatting options in documents, such as bullets, highlighting and graphics.
  • Work with documents that automatically reflow for optimized viewing on the smartphone screen.
  • Take advantage of tools such as AutoCorrect, predictive text, spell check, and outline - an easy way to navigate to the most relevant information in a document.

In Excel Mobile 2010, you can:

  • View, edit and format entire workbooks, including high resolution charts and  graphs.
  • Update and instantly recalculate workbooks, edit formulas and use 114 frequently used functions.
  • Filter and sort lists.

In PowerPoint Mobile 2010, you can:

  • View presentations full screen with rich pictures, charts, and improved SmartArt.
  • View slide transitions, builds, and animations—including motion paths.
  • Review and update presentation speaker notes, edit slide text, and move or hide slides.
  • Display Custom Shows stored within presentations.
  • Zoom in on slides to view details and easily pan to view different perspectives.
  • Attend a virtual PowerPoint broadcast—receive an invitation, tap a link, call in and instantly view the presentation.

In OneNote Mobile 2010, you can:

  • Use the simplified OneNote Mobile user interface to capture information.
  • Insert pictures or record voice clips.
  • Enhance notes with newly added formatting functionality  and numbered lists.
  • Use the app bar to quickly email a OneNote file, which automatically adds note contents to the message body and enables all recipients to view key content—even if they don’t use OneNote.
  • Access and update notebooks that are stored on SharePoint 2010.

In SharePoint Workspace Mobile 2010, you can:

  • Enable users to access SharePoint 2010 files so they can collaborate with their teams while on the move and sync documents for offline use.
  • Use built-in SSL support for the Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway.

For more information on Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 features and capabilities, see the “Microsoft Office Mobile on Windows Phone 7 Product Guide” on the Office Product Guide Download Center, and check out the Office Mobile page on TechNet, and the Office Mobile Blog on TechNet.


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Comments (7)

  1. Alan Meeus says:

    Written by Manan (a visitor) on Jan 24, 2011

    re: Office Mobile on Windows Phone

    If you could send this as feedback to the team: headers & footers are not shown. This can be a big deal sometimes. A really very big deal.

  2. Alan Meeus says:


    Try the following to solve your problem. Open the Excel Worksheet. Select the column by tapping on the column header. Tap and hold the column header with your finger.  A drop down menu will appear. Select ‘autofit’. This will adjust the column with to fit the values in the column. Hope this works!

  3. Alan Meeus says:

    Mark – thanks very much for taking the time to articulate all these comments/suggestions. Some of them are in the works already – the Windows Phone 7 dev team will be delivering some great functionality improvements this year.

    I thought your suggestion about updating Office Mobile was especially interesting, and your numerous suggestions for Outlook Mobile (including that last one – thanks!) show your considerable awareness of and insight into some of the many technologies that are at play. I will make sure to pass along all your suggestions to the dev team.

  4. Alan Meeus says:

    As to headers and footers in Word, you are correct they are not displayed correctly on the phone. This is a known issue. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Mark Orlassino says:


    Just some suggestions I believe will keep Microsoft's and Windows Phone 7 dominate in the enterprise


    1. For development efficiency reasons why not decouple the Office Mobile application updates from the phone OS updates, similar to way Microsoft Live Essentials (on Windows) and "XBOX Extras" (on Window Phone 7) is decoupled from the OS.  That is, deploy updates using the Windows MarketPlace.  Any Windows Phone OS updates should still update/bundle the latest version of the Office Mobile suite of tools though. The best of both worlds!

    2. All Office applications should work with password protected files.

    3. Allow an end-user to add lists of words, edit and DELETE entries in Autocorrect bar on the SIP. (i.e. if an end-user  hit "+" (add) by mistake in autocorrect how would one remove or edit the entry)

    4. Support for copyright and trademark symbols on the SIP.

    5. Extended signature lines (e.g. to add long legal disclaimers and/or dissemination/non-disclosure text) .

    6. Cut & paste

    OneNote Mobile 2010

    1. The "To Do" tag (i.e. Check Box) <- OneNote Mobile on the iPhone has this feature

    2. Support for password protect sections.

    3. Ink (Finger-based) possibly with ink-to-text transcription.

    Outlook Mobile 2010

    1. Discussion/conversation threads (similar to the feature in Outlook 2010)

    2. Tellme powered text-to-speech reading of email

    3. GAL support for Exchange 2003 (apparently Exchange 2007, 2010 work; works on Window Mobile 6.5.3)

    5. Native recorded voice clip-based email, with simple record & playback and automatic embedded voice-to-text and text-to-voice transcription. (having to always use OneNote to record voice-based emails seems awkward ; OneNote feature to send pages directly to email with voice/pictures/text still very useful)

    6. Tasks! Tasks! Tasks! (need I say more)

    7. Appointments – Free/Busy search for people and resources.  

    8. Smart tags in email and appointments (and tasks) – hyperlinks (open in IE) , dial phone, addresses (save to contacts; lookup in Bing Maps), contacts (save/lookup in contacts)

    9. Message or notification (i.e. changed Notebook, Sharepoint document, ect.) waiting notification LED support (when Microsoft finally adds this much needed feature  to the minimum Windows Phone 7 hardware requirements/capabilities list )

    10. Quite time (for silent audio profiles during meetings (configurable)

    11. Facilitate wireless send of a main contact card (i.e. a user's business card) maybe through Bluetooth OBEX or screen/camera with Microsoft Tag (Microsoft's barcode technology)

    12. Contact card phone number support for phone extensions (Outlook) and  dial "Pause" and "Wait".   Windows Mobile 6.x had this feature – each pause (p or ,) implements a 3 delay; each wait (w) – dials number then waits until the Phone SEND key is pressed then continues dialing until either the end of the phone number or the dialer hits another "Wait"; interesting enough pause and wait is also missing from the main dial pad on Window Phone 7; this feature is really important when dialing voicemail accounts and dialing into teleconferences from appointments)  Appointments should support embedded dialing tag (described in #8 above) with Pause and Wait also.

    13. Set / Unset / Specify  the "Out-of-Office" featured directly from the phone.

    Word Mobile 2010

    1. Voice-based comments (document review/collaboration)

    Excel Mobile 2010

    1. Voice-based comments

    PowerPoint Mobile

    1. Voice-based comments (document review/collaboration)

    2. External display support (new devices CY2012 may have external HDMI, wireless display and pico/micro projectors)

    Consider creating:

    1. LiveMeeting Mobile "End-point" (when connected to high speed networks 802.11n WLAN, LTE, or WiMAX networks) – Webinar receive mode presentation with VoIP-based teleconferencing support.

    2. Lync Mobile (Presence/Test/Voice/Video) – Voice features should have one-button voice-clip and group support similar to Microsoft Live Messenger/Grove 2007)



  6. Mark Orlassino says:

    Forgot one…

    Outlook 2010 Mobile

    1. Feeds (with the Feed list synchronized between Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Mobile and/or IE with LiveID or Windows Live Mesh)

  7. gareth.douce says:

    In Excel on my phone I can't find a way to resize the columns, which is a problem cos lots of my cells are showing ####, they look fine on Excel 2010 on my computer, it's normal text, weird.

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