Operating System Deployment in an 802.1x Environment

For those that have investigated, or deployed 802.1x port authentication on either a wireless or a wired network understand the benefits and additional security that such a solution offers. The ability to stop traffic at layer 2, at the port is a powerful security measure and one that has been tested by numerous customers, software…


Using the FREE network security tools you get in Windows (and who doesn’t love free tools?)

In my last post I talked extensively about the use of 802.1x for network authentication (wired or wireless) and talked about the benefits of the 2 common approaches to controlling machine access (VLAN vs. Port ACL).  While 802.1x remains a very popular mechanism for controlling port based access for machines coming onto the network, it…


Network Access Protection Using 802.1x VLAN’s or Port ACLs – Which is right for you?

Given that the NAC (Network Access Control) market is one of the hottest segments in the industry (I think virtualization has that distinction at the moment) it is fitting to take a look at the variety of options available from Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP). NAP supports a variety of what we call enforcement methods….