Week of December 30: KB alerts, new book on IPv6, new application virtualization comparison, more practical PowerShell

Happy New Year! I’m back at work after a much-needed vacation. Check out the blogs from the last couple of weeks, discussing new KBs, the complete documentation for Windows Server 2012 R2 in downloadable form, a new comparison of application virtualization approaches, practical applications for PowerShell, and a new book on IPv6!

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Ruben Sprujit


Philip Elder

Robert Smit

Directory Services

Jorge de Almeida Pinto

Mike Kline

Roberto di Lello

File System/Storage

Dennis Martin

Group Policy

Matthias Wolf


Aidan Finn

Carsten Rachfal

Didier Van Hoye


Don Jones

Jeff Wouters

Jeffery Hicks

Ravikanth C

Remote Desktop Services

Freek Berson

Nicholas Dille

Setup, Deployment, and Patching

Mikael Nystrom

Windows Server for Small and Medium Business

Amy Babinchak

Elvis Gustin


Edward Horley

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