Week of December 2: a little light reading, converting VMs, and VDI planning

Greetings, all,

Perhaps it’s having three on-campus events for Windows Server/System Center MVPs this year (most recently with the Summit from November 18-20) but I feel like I blinked and it became December. Here’s your look at what MVPs have been up to lately.

For many, holidays are approaching, and some use the holidays as a time to learn something new. Robert Smit has collected some resources (including free books, a book review, and a Windows Azure poster to help you get your mind around the architecture), Aidan Finn has posted his Tech Camp presentation, and Don Jones shows you how to get the Community Book on PowerShell Practices.

Want to try converting existing VMs to Hyper-V? Thomas Mauer and Carsten Rachfal discuss their preferred tools. Moving from Generation 1 VMs to Generation 2? Aidan and Elvis Gustin have resources for you.

Finally, although focusing on one technology, Helge Klein’s description of a VDI architecture for persistent desktops gives some practical pointers regardless of the technology you use to accomplish them. Be sure to check out Freek Berson’s blog on the new Remote FX clients!

Happy reading!



Allan Hirt

Robert Smit

Directory Services

Jorge de Almeida Pinto

Roberto di Lello

File System/Storage

Stephen Foskett

Group Policy

Darren Mar-Elia


Aidan Finn

Carsten Rachfal

Didier Van Hoye

Thomas Maurer


Don Jones

Jeff Wouters

Jeffery Hicks

Ravikanth C

Shay Levy 

Remote Desktop Services

Benny Tritsch

Freek Berson

Setup, Deployment, and Patching

Mikael Nystrom

Small Business Server

Elvis Gustin

Philip Elder


Helge Klein

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