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HI this is Kevin Beares, Senior Community Lead for the Windows Server and System Center Group.  The following post comes from Robert Paige who has written earlier on the topic of Dynamic Access Control on the Server and Cloud Partner and Customer Solutions Team Blog. Enjoy!


Hi, I am Robert Paige, from the WSSC Partner Ecosystem Engineering Team.  Today’s start of the Microsoft //Build/ conference 2012 inspired me to post an update about some of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control articles that we’ve released or revised since TechEd 2012 when I last posted about some of our partner demonstrations that helped complete some end-to-end scenarios by integrating with this exciting technology. 

As part of a series of technical scenario documents covering a range of topics, such as Central Access Policy, Auditing, testing environments, etc., the Dynamic Access Control folks recently updated and published a couple a few more articles:

Planning a Central Access Policy Deployment
Planning Considerations for Encryption of Office Documents
Automatic RMS protection of non-MS Office files using FCI and Rights Protected Folder Explorer

These are part of a larger set of scenario overviews about Dynamic Access Control that you can get started with to help you plan and implement a robust data governance plan in your Windows Server 2012 enterprise deployments.  Additionally, I’ve updated many of the links in the resources and TechEd sessions from my last couple of blogs that gave a nice roundup of some of the articles and blogs we’ve written since the release of Windows Server 2012.  Enjoy!

Additional Resources

· Nir Ben-Zvi’s Introduction to Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control blog

· TechNet manual (Beta): Dynamic Access Control: Scenario Overview

· TechNet Library; Data Classification Toolkit:

· Windows Server 2012 Virtual Lab for Dynamic Access Control: Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs

· Channel 9 Video: Dynamic Access Control at MMS 2012:

· Partner and Customer Solutions blog – TechEd day 1 partner demos: Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control – The power of “And…” (Robert Paige)

· Partner and Customer Solutions blog – TechEd day 2 partner demos: Diving deeper into Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control

The TechEd 2012 Demonstrations on Channel 9

· An Overview of Dynamic Access Control (Nir Ben-Zvi, Gunjan Jain)

· Dynamic Access Control Deep Dive (Siddharth Bhai, Matthias Wollnik)

· Dynamic Access control Best Practices and Microsoft IT Case Studies

· Keeping your Data Safe, and Introduction to Information Protection Technology



Robert Paige
Senior Program Manager
WSSC Partner Ecosystem Engineering

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