Microsoft Rights Management Server (RMS) Knowhows


 RMS is one of the new Windows Server workload I'm playing around these days. As I dive into this technology quite a few interesting scenarios are coming my way every day. In an effort to consolidate the useful know-hows into something like an RMS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) I'm starting this *live* blog on what I'm learning myself & from experts around. I'll keep updating this blog as we go along: 

After decommissioning an RMS Server how to remove residual RMS data entries from AD

Sample scenario: An RMS Server is decommissioned for some reasons (e.g. upgrading to new hardware/OS). To be able to install & configure new RMS Server with an Active Directory(AD) that was used with the old RMS Server as well, an administrator would want to get rid of all data in AD from old RMS Server instance. Here is the simple trick on "how to":


1.)    Go to a domain controller and open AD Sites and Services

2.)    Click on View>Show Services Node (If the Services Node isn’t already displayed)

3.)    Expand the Services Node, and you should see a Windows Rights Management Services entry. Just Delete it. (The whole thing. Not just the SCP sub item).

4.)    Wait for replication

5.)    You’re done.


 -Tanu Mutreja

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  1. Szőnyegtisztítás says:

    Thank you, this is a great help!

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