IIS 7: Extending Our Extensions Into Your Platforms

With the introduction of IIS 7.0 in Windows Server 2008 the game has changed.  IIS 7.0 is built using a modular architecture from the ground up.  This means two very important things.  The first is you only have to install/enable the core set of features YOU want to use, gone are the days of a…


Network Access Protection Using 802.1x VLAN’s or Port ACLs – Which is right for you?

Given that the NAC (Network Access Control) market is one of the hottest segments in the industry (I think virtualization has that distinction at the moment) it is fitting to take a look at the variety of options available from Microsoft’s Network Access Protection (NAP). NAP supports a variety of what we call enforcement methods….


Deployment Security Designs for Forefront IAG/UAG Virtual Appliances

One of the most compelling capabilities being added in IAG SP2 (which will also be available in UAG) is the ‘virtual appliance’ installation option. A virtual appliance is a preconfigured, ready to use Virtual Machine that already has Windows Server and IAG / UAG installed. Microsoft will build the VHD and make it available for…


Quick and Dirty Large Scale Eventing for Windows

One of the least known yet most powerful management features to ship with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 is built-in Event Forwarding which enables large scale health and state monitoring of a Windows environment (assuming health and state can be determined from Windows Events – which they usually can). Not only is this feature built into the…


Windows Server Customer Engineering (WINCAT)

My name is Allen Stewart Team Lead of the Windows Server Customer Advisory Team in the Windows Server Division. We are a team of Program Managers that are experts in specific workloads/technologies. We work in the Windows Server Engineering organization and our main goal is helping to ship Windows Server that incorporates requirements/scenario based feedback…


To Cluster or Not to Cluster CAs

One of the many enhancements in Active Directory Certificate Services in Windows Server 2008 is support for 2 node active / passive clustering. We have a great whitepaper, Configuring and Troubleshooting Certification Authority Clustering in Windows Server 2008, which walks you through the setup process. Because we just leverage the Failover Clustering already in Windows,…


Thinking Thru Building a Virtualized Datacenter

In most if not all enterprise customers most technology areas are driven by various teams responsible for a technology area. Some enterprise customers have more integrated technology teams then others. So how does this affect the common approach today of infusing virtualization into datacenters and building out a virtualization utility/service? To date this task has…