Xmas Web Casts

Hopefully you get better presents than this, but if not, here are a couple of web casts I just did that you might be interested in:

Certificate Services Updates

Amesh Mansukhani, Senior Product Manager, speaks with John Morello, Program Manager, Windows Server Division, about Windows Server 2008 and what's new with Certificate Services. John lists the four major pillars of Server 2008 for cryptography and certificate services, and they continue their conversation around the two biggest features—manageability and revocation—that will be impactful for customers.



TechNet Webcast: Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Security and Authentication (Level 300)

Are you looking to extend remote access to users on the road or at home? Learn how Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services can provide a solution. Join Microsoft Program Manager John Morello in this webcast as he provides an overview of Terminal Services Gateway and Terminal Services Authentication, and shows you how they can help take your business to the next level. Additionally, he demonstrates anywhere access to remote programs using single sign on (SSO).


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