Longhorn Beta3 Ships!

Little late on this post, nevertheless, it is great news for the Server Division and our customers. The highly anticipated release of Longhorn Server Beta3 is available as of yesterday. Beta3 is a big deal, it is a public release and is feature complete! Beta3 enables some of the coolest scenarios purely based on our customer feedback. The 60 second pitch is:

  • PowerShell – play around for five minutes, you will wonder how you lived without this awesome scripting functionality.
  • Server Manager – one stop shop to provisioning and managing server roles.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 – next gen web and app platform
  • Server Core – more roles, low footprint, no GUI!
  • Terminal Services Gateway – access your apps with TS web gateway.
  • Failover Clustering – improved cluster management, security, and stability.
  • Network Access Protection – keep your network safe from un-healthy clients.
  • Read-Only Domain Controller – ideal for branch offices.


Below are download links for the available ISOs:


We hope you can take the new scenarios for a spin and provide us feedback using the "Customer Scenario Voting" tool. In this tool you can "vote" on the scenario, tell us your experience, importance, etc. Trust me, we are actively monitoring your feedback. Get started, get the product, give it a spin, keep the feedback coming.

There are few webcasts coming up that will cover various topics in Longhorn Server. Be sure to check out the calendar.

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