Windows Server Customer Advisory Team – Signing on

I'd like to welcome you to the blog site for the Windows Server Customer Advisory Team, or WinCAT for short.  We're a small team located in the Windows Server Division.  We're made up of experts in various technologies who have years of experience implementing real solutions with our customers.  We get involved in a lot of tough projects - the types of projects that stretch the technology and make us work outside of established design patterns or guidance.

When we're all successful we see two things from a project.  First, our customers get a successful deployment.  Beyond this we want to learn from this success.  Learning takes on a number of forms.  For starters, if we learn how to apply technology in an interesting way we want to share it.  Various members of the team make contributions to technical articles, white papers, courseware and conference presentations.  This is all part of expanding the solutions footprint for the platform.  In many cases what we learn in working with our customers is valuable in helping us shape the course of our server software in the future.  This is ultimately why we're located in the Windows Server Division.

We'll use this space to share some of our experiences, learnings and musings about a Windows Server technologies.  That's a pretty broad slice of technology so I expect that sometimes you'll find things that are interesting (or at least intelligible) while other times you may find things that are utterly foreign looking.  Stay tuned.

- Chris McCarron

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello from Windows Server, I am Ram Papatla, the new GPM of the Windows Customer Advisory Team (WinCAT)!

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