New Included Music Files Are not Displayed in Windows Media Player Library

New included music files are not displayed in Windows Media Player library



You include new music files in Library. However, they are not displayed in Windows Media Player library.




The Windows Media Player database is corrupted.




We need to delete the database and then re-add all of the media to the library. To archive this, please follow the steps below:

NOTE: These steps will delete system files. It is recommended to make a backup of any of these files before you do this, especially if you have purchased music via the online music shops. Your music will not be deleted, just the database.


1.     Close Windows Media Player


To make sure Windows Media Player is closed, please open task manager by right clicking on the blank area and select “Start Task Manager”. If wmplayer.exe is still running under the Processes tab, highlight it and click “End Process”.


2.     Clear Windows Media Player cache file


1)      Open Windows Explorer and paste the following path into the address bar:


%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Player\


The Window will open and you will see temp files inside.


2)      Before deleting all the files, it is suggested to move all the content to another directory.

3)      Select all the Items and Delete.

4)      Restart Windows Media Player.


Then, you will notice all the music files you added appear in the library.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I also have this problem; additionally, when MP is open the "Retrieving media for an unknown album" runs perpetually. Of course, I do not recommend to anyone, that they go to such great lengths, just to play music. If the program is a failure, abandon it and just download and use another media player. Since this is an old problem it makes sense to offer another alternative, outside of Microsoft. They are very good, but like all large corporations, they end up with too many not-so-good personnel. I do not want to name names here, but there are other big corps with the same problems; a line of ingenious ideas, and then suddenly, something so shockingly bad that you think it's coming from quite another. Since no one wants to be told how to do their job – and specially those not doing it at all – getting the bad fixed would require they terminate those responsible for them, first. In the meantime, customers have to solve the problems themselves. The resolution above is far too complex for the average user. Instead, go to these:…/What-happens-if-i-turn-off-media-features…/Change-which-programs-Windows-uses-by-default…/top-5-free-media-players-for-windows

  2. JamesB says:

    This is a long running problem that's been reported since the release of WMP12. Think we might get somebody at MS to fix this before Windows 8?

  3. anony.muos says:

    I have a big porblem!!! whenever i try to delete that database i.e Current Database_372. i try to delete it and a pop up appears "The action cannot be completed because the file is open in media player netwrok sharing service" how to do you fix this annoying

  4. darrell says:

    Follow the instructions above. You have to shut down the data sharing before it will allow you to delete a database.

  5. Robert says:

    I have the same issue. I do not know how to "shut down data sharing". I have tried right clicking on the folders and "Share with" – "Nobody" but I still cannot delete the Current Database.

  6. Matt says:

    Hit CTRL-Alt-Delete
    Start task manager
    Under Processes tab find Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.
    Select it, then right click and end task.
    It will restart automatically when you restart WMP.

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