Network Adapters Icons Are Missing from Network and Sharing Center.




The network adapter icons are missing from Network and Sharing Center. However, you can see the adapters in Device Manager and can access Internet without problems even though a Red X appears at the notification area. The issue persists after uninstalling and reinstalling the NIC drivers.




1.     Please ensure the following registry key is not missing:




Valuename: "Name"

Type: REG_SZ

If it ismissing, create it with a value of "Local Area Connection"


Valuename: "DefaultNameIndex"


If it is missing, create it with a value of "0".


Valuename: "DefaultNameResourceId"


If it is missing, create it with a value of "0x70b".


2.     Ensure the following settings are correct:


1)      "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{27AF75ED-20D9-11D1-B1CE-00805FC1270E}", The default value is ‘netman’, and its subkey:


Valuename: LocalService

Value 'netman'


2)      Component Services > Computers > my computer > DCOM Config > "Netman" -> Security tab -> Open "Launch and activation Permissions" -> edit,

add 'LOCAL SERVICE' with 'Local Launch' and 'Local Activation' checked.

add 'NETWORK SERVICE' with  'Local Launch' and 'Local Activation' checked"


3)      Reboot the server after making the change.



Comments (5)

  1. hany says:

    thank you for your work but at that step which I open component service security tab of netman doesn't open, please is there solution for this?

  2. hany says:

    now i managed to finish all the steps but still the same, adapter is still missing

  3. Eric says:

    Too much time wasted for NOTHING

  4. Mike A says:

    Hi I’m at step 2. For some reason the options on the security tab are greyed out (I have tried running as administrator)
    Is there any way to enable them?

  5. Nils V. says:

    Hey guys, you can see the security tab when you go to Dcomcnfg.exe "Componentservice->Computer->Workstation"
    Right click on workstation and then properties. There you will find a COM-Security tab.

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