Error 0x81000019 when you do a backup on Windows 7



When you do a backup you get an error 0x81000019, the message is:

"A shadow copy could not be created. Please check the 'VSS' and 'SPP' application event logs for more information. Details: Insufficient storage available to create either the shadow copy storage file or other shadow copy data. "




Backup process involves the system writer that reports files in the important applications installed on the machine. In the  case where a large number of language packs is installed, the metadata file reported by this writer becomes huge in size and hence does not  fit the 100 MB volume. This causes backup to fail since there is not enough space for the shadowcopy creation. Please note that this symptom  is not directly observable since this metadata file is created during backup and deleted at the end.




Uninstall unwanted/unused language packs by running Lpksetup command in a command window.



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  1. jim says:

    Win7 backup what a joke….

    Why cant we backup a mapped network drive to a local removable drive?????

    Even if the drive is added to a library using a symlink?????

    really???? can we have ntbackup back please?

    I really wish MS would give win7 some useful tools….i can even believe this…what a joke utility…..

  2. Rob H says:

    Thanks for the fix! I first deleted about half of my unused library packs, and tried the backup … no luck.  Then, I deleted another 25% of the unused library packs, and tried the backup again … again no luck.  Finally, I deleted all of my unused library packs … and this time it worked.  So, this particular work-around works great, but the guys at Microsoft really should provide a robust solution that works regardless of how many library packs are installed.

  3. KMO says:

    I only have English installed,  so there must be another issue

  4. Dave JH says:

    I don’t have any language pack other than English either – well, what is the problem with this error?

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