Wiki Quick Tip 14: fix your images (and upload them to TNWIKI!)

Quite a while ago we discussed the way you should integrate images in your Wiki articles (and more important what happens if you don’t upload them……) Have a check here: Sunday Surprise: Death by powerpicture Lately, we see the issue popping up again (and lots of articles lose their value), so it’s time for a…


Wiki Life: Screen Capture Tools

For this Wiki Life article, I thought I would continue my look at some of the tools I use to assemble my TechNet Wiki submissions and Wiki Ninja blog posts. So far, I have examined tools that help with image compression, grammar, and authoring. For today’s post, I thought I would look at screen capture…


Sunday Surprise: Death by powerpicture

When you write an article and want to make a great success, one of the most attractive and powerful factors is adding pictures to your content. To add pictures, the TechNet Wiki article editor has a specific button You have 3 options to add images Upload a file from your computer Use an existing file on…


Wiki Life: Image compression in the TechNet Wiki

Welcome Wiki Ninjas to another Wiki Life article. This is my first post for the Wiki Ninjas blog and I am happy to be a contributor here! I wanted to use my first blog post to share a tip with you about submitting images to the TechNet Wiki. The majority of us append multiple photos…


Wiki-Life – Images and Figures TechNet Wiki

Hello Community TechNet Wiki! Today in Wiki-Life, I share two articles with images that can be used in articles, releases, blogs and social media! Wiki Ninja Stick Figures TechNet Wiki – Images and Logos – 2015 Great pictures to share with the community! Also, please collaborate with us on these images for TechNet Wiki.     1….