International Spotlight – Introducing the Italian Wiki Ninjas Facebook group!

Hello Wiki Ninjas! Today I want to introduce you the Italian TechNet Wiki Ninjas Facebook Group. The community of all the Italian wikiers started working more than a year ago: a post on both the Italian MSDN and TechNet Forums made the Italian community aware of the existence of the TechNet Wiki and of…


TNWiki Article Spotlight – Books for Developers

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday. Like some of you already noticed: I’m a book worm. I love books and was really happy as I found an article which covers some books for developers. Some of them I have already read and some of them are now on my Amazon…


To Learn and Translate

Hello Wiki Ninjas! Luigi Bruno is here today for another appointment to share some brief thoughts about the Wiki’s world with you. Let’s go!   Learning by Wiki-ing At the beginning of February, I’ve started a new “job adventure”: learning SharePoint 2010. I’ve to admit that I’ve always asked myself what SharePoint was and how it…


Friday with International Community Update – Brazil and Italy

Hello Community, Luciano Lima here today to update you on the latest news in the TechNet Wiki international community from Brazil and Italy. I’ve been informed that TechNet Wiki continues to grow every month with your contributions. The statistic shows that the TNWIKI currently have 1,803 users, 6,185 articles, 35,821 revisions and 14,769 comments. Currently…

The First Time You Never Forget

Hello Wiki Ninjas!Luigi Bruno is here today for his first appointment to introduce himself and share some thoughts on “his” Wiki with you. Let’s go!   Who am I? I’m a computer enthusiast from the South East of Italy, who started his “computer life” in 1982 using a Sinclair ZX-Spectrum computer with 16KB(!) of RAM….