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A small Wiki reminder is due, it usually needs some quarterly refreshment. 
From time to time, we get some off-topic articles...  And yes, admitted they have some great content...
(But there is a BUT.)
BUT there are some best practices and conditions to post on the Wiki. … correction <Microsoft> Wiki.
If you go off-topic on Microsoft Wiki, eg publishing recipes for chicken soup, or non-Microsoft technology, you should know what happens...
It's CERTAINLY NO FUN to remove articles that are the result of your hard labor, but you need to keep focus on the reason of existence of this Wiki.
This week, I've got some chats with some Wiki Ninjas and the Wiki Governance team.
And this type of discussion happens quite frequently...
Please, before you post, have a look here:
And yes, sometimes it's a very thin line... combining MS technology with open source or 3rd party technology is very common and VERY INTERESTING.
And check the Wiki landing page - Before you Contribute section, on the right hand side, discussed in the blog article mentioned below.
Furthermore, I would highly suggest to have a read on the Wiki guidelines. I compiled some hints and tips here:
In short, the articles must have direct and primary Microsoft Technology focus, not sideways, not from far, not 'just mention',...
So, 3rd party technology, commercial content, open source, open protocols sponsored/created by other large companies, non-MS content have their own platforms, wiki and forums elsewhere... Sometimes shared, sometimes dedicated targeted forums. (Too many to point out...)
But for your greatest Microsoft technology articles, we welcome you to the TechNet Wiki of course!
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  1. chilberto says:

    Thanks Peter, but really. I think we want to know what have been the top 3 that you had to remove? Was chicken soup a real example…

    1. Peter Geelen says:

      @chilberto, there is not an exact top 3, but as mentioned in the page:
      1. Programming languages like HTML, CSS, HTML5, …
      2. General topics, networking, network protocols, hardware, IP, DNS, …
      3. 3rd party solutions (commercial, marketing, plugins to MS products.)

  2. Very informative and useful blog post for all new TechNet Wiki authors, even I can say this is useful for existing authors too because sometime they might confuse with technologies, but we have to make sure article should be on MS technology only. Thank you Peter for drafting this post.

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