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  1. Great to see the color full banners! Congrats to all the winners !

    1. pituach says:

      Yep, it is always fun to see the work when it is ready.

      I Highly recommend to check all the images in the OneDrive. There are Great banners there which did not got the top 11 but are awesome. One of the images which I liked the most and voted for it on the top 5 did not reached the top 11 final result. After all this is a summarize of what multiple people voted. Since we all have different opinion,you might find banners in the full list which you liked more. So… As I said, I recommend to take a look at the full list of works

  2. Thank you for the event, Ronen.

    1. pituach says:

      Thanks 🙂

      And congrats to you on your banners in the list

    2. Nonki, your banner is hilarious! Great job on that!

  3. Thank you !! Great hardwork 🙂

    1. pituach says:

      Thanks you Rajeesh! You did awesome work.

      You should know that your banners could come in the top 11, if they were registered on time. Since you forgot to upload your images to the OneDrive of the contest, we did not added them to the public poll on FB. Therefore, they lost the public votes, but the judges loved your work 🙂

  4. Woe Awesome banners ,Thank you all for contributing the lovely banners for TN Wiki,Special Thanks to Ronen for organizing doing all the works.

  5. Wow so many banners and it was very difficult to choose the best 11 banners. I know it was very tough to choose best 11 banners but now we have best 11 banners for our TechNet Wiki Facebook group. Great work by community and good job by Ronen for organizing this activity 🙂

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