TNWiki Article Spotlight – In Memory OLTP Isolation Levels

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Another Tuesday and we’re here with another article on the Technet Wiki on Tuesday – TNWiki Article Spotlight category.

Today our focus is on an excellent article SQL Server In-Memory OLTP: Transaction Isolation Levels  written by Mohsin_A_Khan.

The author in this article gives a very detailed explanation on various isolation levels and their effects on both disk based and in-memory tables

The article has the below sections

  • Types of Transactions – Here author explains on Explicit, Implicit and Auto-commit modes
  • Transaction Behaviors – This sections explains the common issues faced in transactions like Dirty reads, Phantom reads and Non-Repeatable reads
  • Transaction Isolation Levels With Disk-Based Tables
  • Transaction Isolation Levels with Memory-Optimized Tables

The following isolation levels are explained with illustrations

  1. Snapshot Isolation Level
  2. Repeatable Read Isolation Level
  3. Serializable Isolation Level

On the whole this article is a good read for anyone trying to get good overview on the basics of transaction and also to understand various isolation levels and how they’re applicable to In-memory table as compared to disk based tables

This article also won Gold medal in the Technet Wiki Awards November 2018 under SQL Server General and Database Engine category

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