Who should we interview next for Interview with a Wiki Ninja?

I'm going to list some folks (in order of the number of total authored articles), and then please leave comments with more ideas of who we should interview! Then I'll also leave comments on this blog post as we get the interviews done.

This is a sequel of sorts to these previous blog posts:

Reply in the comments to get your interview started. My email is edprice at Microsoft.


1. George Chrysovaladis Grammatikos

George Chrysovaladis Grammatikos's avatar

George Chrysovalantis Grammatikos is an Azure Cloud Architect and Microsoft MVP. He has more than 10 years experience in different technologies like BI & SQL Server Professional level solutions, Azure technologies, networking, security etc. He writes technical blogs for his blog "cloudopszone.com", Wiki TechNet articles and also participates in discussions on TechNet and other technical blogs.

Wiki Stats:

Article Examples:


2. Leon Laude

Leon Laude's avatar

Find Leon's personal blog here. Leon is a datacenter system consultant in Sweden. He is a Microsoft enthusiast and works a lot with System Center, Azure Monitoring,  Hyper-V, and Windows Server in general.

Wiki Stats:

Article Examples:


3. Vincent Maverick Durano

Vincent Maverick Durano's avatar

Vincent is a 9-Time Microsoft MVP, 3-Time C# Corner MVP, CodeProject MVP, DZone MVB, Web/Xamarin Developer, Technical Lead, Blogger, Mentor, and Author. Check out his website: http://vmsdurano.com/

Wiki Stats:

Article Examples:


4. Mohsin_A_Khan

Mohsin_A_Khan's avatar

Mohsin Khan is originally from Hyderabad, India, but he is currently based out of San Antonio, TX, USA. He works as a Database consultant for clients across the U.S., current one being UnitedHealth Group/WellMed. He has a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Systems Security (aka Information Quality) and he holds Microsoft & Oracle certifications namely, MCSE: Data Platform, MCSE: Business Intelligence and Oracle Database 11g Administrator Professional (OCP). He is a believer in the famous quote "knowledge increases by sharing not by saving"

Wiki Stats:

Article Examples:


5Jayendran Arumugam

Jayendran arumugam's avatar

Jayendran is an MCSE , MCSA , MCP, and Azure Cloud Architect. He works for EY (Ernst and Young).

Wiki Stats:

Article Examples:



Thank you for reading!

  • Leave a comment to nominate someone else.
  • Leave a comment to connect if you're on this list. We'll need to email you the questions.


Have a day. And always remember: whatever goes up, must become Wiki.

- Ninja Ed

Comments (23)
    1. That’s a great list! Thanks, Rajeesh!

    2. Rajeesh, would you be interested in joining our blog?

      1. I also interested in joining our blog. Ed Please consider me too 🙂 Thanks

    3. pituach says:

      Great addition Rajeesh 🙂

  1. pituach says:

    It is great idea to post the list here @Ed 🙂

  2. Great to see my profile nominated for the interview, thanks @Ed. Ed could you please update my Employer from Deevita to EY (Ernst and Young). I’d recommend we should interview George Chrysovaladis Grammatikos first. He is the one who has made a good impact to TechNetWiki community.

    1. I updated your job info. We’ll post the interviews when they get done. If we get multiple interviews completed, then we typically do prioritize the ones from the Wiki Ninjas with the most authored articles. For example, I think someone else already tried to interview George. And sometimes we tried to interview some folks for 9+ months before it worked out. So we shouldn’t wait for certain interviews.


  3. Hi guys! I feel honored to see my name on this list. I am also interested in the Wiki blog author announcement.

    1. George, could you email me? It’s edprice at Microsoft. Thanks!

  4. J Suthahar says:

    Congratulation to all

    1. J, can we interview you too? I love your articles! They’re a lot of fun. =^)

      If so, reply here to let me know and shoot me an email (edprice at Microsoft).

      1. J Suthahar says:

        Sure @Ed, I will give ,you can reach me at jssutahhar@gmail.com

        1. Sent! Sorry, I’m slow sometimes. =^(

  5. Leon Laude says:


    It is a great pleasure to see my name nominated for an interview, you can reach me at leon dot laude at gmail dot com.

    Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Sending the email now. Thanks, Leon!

  6. pituach says:

    Good day guys,

    If your name is the list then after you add your comment here, please contact one of the TechNet Wiki Bloggers team, which you want to interview you (or wait for someone to contact you, but best to be initiated). You can use our Facebook group which is the main communication channel (you can always find me there) 🙂

    1. Av111 says:

      Congratulation to all

  7. Here is Mohsin’s interview: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/wikininjas/2019/02/04/interview-with-database-technet-wiki-ninja-mohsin-khan/

    We have two more interviews in this series to go! George is next!

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