TNWiki Article Spotlight – How to: Consistent modal message dialogs with C# and jQuery

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We are in lovely September now and hope all are in happy mood as summer has gone and looking forward to welcoming the Fall and Autumn season.In this lovely month I would love to share a great article for TNWIki Spotlight which explains about How to: Consistent modal message dialogs with C# and jQuery  by karen payne

It’s always hard task for me to pick the article for Spotlight. In TechNet Wiki all the articles are shining like a star and each article has its own value, but still I need to pick one article per week to be placed in Tuesday Spotlight, this week I got attraction in one of the ThechNet Wiki which explains about Model Popup for Winform using C# as well as for Web using jQuery.

The main reason I selected this article for Spotlight is as this article explains in detail about using Model Popup for both Windows Forms as well as for the Web. karen payne has started this article by explaining about different kinds of model dialogs available and how to use that in both Windows Forms as well as in Web. The attractive part in this article is as, she explained on how to create and use the model dialogs in both Windows Form using C# and for web using jQuery with sample code. This will be surely helpful for the any beginner who will be start working with Winform as well us for the web projects.

In this article you can learn in detail about:

  • Common code examples
  • Desktop common dialogs
  • Question
  • Alert/Information
  • Errors
  • Web common dialogs
  • Summary
  • Source code

If you are curious to learn about model dialogs then it’s time for you to read it from here How to: Consistent modal message dialogs with C# and jQuery. Thank you  karen payne for sharing the lovely article to our TechNet Wiki Community.

PS : Todays Banner Image from Ryen Kia Zhi Tang

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  1. pituach says:

    Awesome post Syed 🙂

    You know… in Israel we don’t have a fall season?. It is funny since we have a lot of songs about the fall season, but in fact the weather is pretty consistent and you can say that we have only 2 seasons, a winter (without a lot of rains and no so cold like winter in other places in the world) and a summer.

  2. pituach says:

    Great choice for the weekly article ?

    And i love the way you present it ?
    Here is a special icon for the hot article of the week ?

  3. Very nice article in Spotlight and love to read this article. Thanks for sharing this Shanu 🙂

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