A Look into Office 365 Planner

What is Office 365 Planner?

  • A simple, visual way to organize teamwork.
  • You can quickly create a plan, invite your team, and assign tasks to get started.

How to use Planner?

When I login to my office 365 tenant it will be listed on my apps if I have the proper assigned license also I go go directly through this link https://tasks.office.com

When I go to the planner app the first page I will see if the planner hub that show my dashboard for each plan I create as in the following screenshot

As we see in the screenshot above it is a complete dashboard for all plans I have and statistics of tasks (not started, In progress, Late, Completed) and on the left I see navigation where I can create new plan, check my tasks or navigate through all plans

When I press on one of the plans like  Customers Planning I will get the following screenshot.

I see the tasks in this plan and who is assigned to it and status, I can create new task, I can add members.

So really Planner is very powerful tools for managing teams tasks and tracking, it can be used i agile and scrum methodologies.

Short video about Planner

Some links and references if you would like to learn more about Office 365: 

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By John Naguib (Twitter,  TechNet Profile,  MVP Profile)


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