Wiki Ninja Belt List Have Been Updated: Check Who Have Just Gained A Rank!! (May. 2018)

Great news Wiki Ninjas!

The Ninja Belt Calculator has just been run, and the list of Ninja Belts have been updated!

The result has been updated in the following WIki article: Wiki Ninja Belt Status: Who Has What Belt Ranking

The calculator has been run and we have the result in place (some alterations may come later). We will try to keep the article up to date, with a monthly update!

Anyone who "comes onto our radar" (either by winning a Weekly Top Contributor Award, winning a TechNet Technical Guru Award, being interviewed or having a featured article) gets added to our database.

We then track your progress and achievements, and award Ninja Belts - depending on your progress.

Ninja belt ranks include your profile stats, so we have to import them too.

Altogether, this is crunched through our Ninja Belt Calculator, based on the rules defined here.

And below is a list of those community members who have just gained a rank...

Calculator Belt Upgrades for 07 June 2018

User Name Ninja Belt
Emiliano Musso Brown Belt
Gaurav Kumar Arora Orange Belt
Cian Allner Yellow Belt
Visakh16 Yellow Belt

Congratulations to all these Wiki Ninjas for gaining ranks this time round!

PS: Blog post banner comes from Ronen Ariely!

— Ninja Kamlesh Kumar



Comments (4)

  1. Congratulation Emiliano Musso, Gaurav Kumar Arora, Cian Allner, Visakh16 for next Ninja Belt update, and best wishes for all other Ninjas for Next Belt update 🙂

  2. Great 🙂 Congratulation Gaurav Kumar Arora, Cian Allner, Visakh16,Emiliano Musso !

  3. pituach says:

    Thanks for sharing Kamlesh 🙂

    Congratulation Emiliano, Gaurav, Cian, and Visakh on your Ninja rank promotion. Well done!

  4. .paul. _ says:

    Well done to the winners…

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