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In today's blog post we are going to see about  SharePoint Site Design and Site Script with Azure function, WebHook via MS Flow  by Ramakrishnan Raman

This article discusses in detail about SharePoint Site Design and Site Script.Ramakrishnan Raman starting his article with the introduction part and explained about Site Design

SharePoint Site Design are a new technique which are exclusively introduced for SharePoint modern experience. Site designs are alternative approach for Remote Site Provisioning or Site Template, where one can customize the site by applying custom theme or list etc once the site is being created. Once Site Design is setup in the tenant, it provides an Out of the box approach of creating a site using the specified design\template. There are few limitation in Site Design functionality when compared with Remote Site Provisioning though which is explained further in this article.

Microsoft explained about how site design work as

Site designs are like a template. They can be used each time a new site is created to apply a consistent set of actions. They can also be applied to existing modern sites (group-connected Team and Communication sites). Most actions typically affect the site itself, such as setting the theme or creating lists. But a site design can also include other actions, such as recording the new site URL to a log, or sending a tweet

for more details check here SharePoint site design and site script overview

In this article we can learn

  •  Site Design
  • Create Site Script & Site Design
  • Via PowerShell
  • Connect to SharePoint
  • Term actions
  • Replace ID
  • Via REST API
  • Update Site Design
  • Via PowerShell
  • Connect to SharePoint
  • Run the below PowerShell command
  • Via REST API
  • Login to any Classic SharePoint site
  • Add the below code in the browser console.
  • Site Design in Action
  • Create Azure Function
  • Create Serverless Function App
  • Create HttpTrigger Function
  • Open Kudu & Add required dll files
  • Create Flow
  • Create Site Design to trigger MS Flow
  • Test Site Design

I believe this article will be a great feast for all who is looking to work with SharPoint Site Design ,don't miss to read this article from here   SharePoint Site Design and Site Script with Azure function, WebHook via MS Flow  by Ramakrishnan Raman . I hope you all enjoy reading his article.

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