TNWiki Article Spotlight – Managed Wrapper For Unmanaged Code

Good day and welcome all to "Thursday Council Spotlight"

Each Week on Tuesday we publish a post which highlights one article. There are no clear rules on why or how we selected that specific article. In fact, the TechNet Wiki blog’s team includes several dozen members, and each one of these have the privilege to choose the article that in his point of view fit to be highlighted. Moreover, we invite all the active members in the community to help us in this task.

If you read an article in the TechNet Wiki (old or new) and you feel in your bones that this article must win its two minutes of fame, then please feel free to contact one of the TechNet Wiki bloggers. All you need to do is to convince him that you are right - after all there are no clear rules, although there must be good reasons.

This week’s choice

On September 2017 contest, under the category “Miscellaneous Technical Guru”, I found a very interesting article with the title “Managed C++ Wrapper For Unmanaged Code”. I did some editing to the article and I have some small comments to the author. Unfortunately, the profile of the author at MSDN used a nickname Simple Samples, and there was no information about the person behind the scene. Moreover, the user did not publish the article on our Facebook group, which is HIGHLY recommended always as a best option to get feedback.

I went on a short searching quest after the user, and with the help of our community’s members in a long discussion, I found out the man behind the nickname!  The article was written by Sam Hobbs who was already member in the TechNet Wiki group.


The article is well written and it is well formatted and structured according to the TechNet Wiki rules. It's presenting a very useful topic. I see questions in the forums all the time regarding the need to managed a wrapper for unmanaged code. From the time the article was published I already referred people to read the article several times as answer to their questions.

Thanks Sam for sharing your knowledge and contribute the article.

The article won a Gold medal in the Technical Guru Competition – September 2017!

What next?

To anyone who need to use unmanaged code under application that is developed using managed code (for example using Dot.Net technologies), I HIGHLY recommend to go over the article.

Note! I remind you all that if you feel in your bones that an article you read must win its two minutes of fame, then you are welcome to contact one of the TechNet Wiki bloggers and recommend it.


I hope you enjoin my short spotlight of the week

Have a great week,

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  1. Thanks for sharing and good choice Ronen Ariely

  2. This is really a great article for Tuesday spotlight, thank you Ronen for sharing it with community 🙂

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