Oh no!!! That ninja’s going to slice open the sun!!!! (Wiki Life)

No! I'm serious! Someone stop that Wiki Ninja! He's about to slice open the sun:

I know what you're thinking...

You're thinking, "Hey, Ed. You know that Wiki Ninja who's about to slice open the sun?"

And I'm like, "Yeah?" You know, because I can read your thoughts and stuff.

And then you think, "Well, how do you know it's a dude? You can't see the Wiki Ninja very well; that could totally be a Wiki Ninjette!"

And then I'm like (yeah, still communicating telepathically), "Sorry. I mean that someone should stop that Wiki Ninjette before she slices open the sun! I mean, if the sun juices spill out, we're all done for!!!"

I know. I know. You're probably not really thinking that. You're probably thinking, "Why does that other Wiki Ninja/Ninjette over on the right have his/her back turned to the one who's about to slice open the sun? Quick! Turn around, raise your blade, and save the sun!!!!"

Or maybe you're not thinking that. I don't actually know what you're thinking. (I can only think about what I think you're thinking, which, if you think about it, is way too much thinking. Don't you think?)

Maybe you're thinking, "So, why can I see the souls of those Wiki Ninjas/Ninjettes? And why are their souls branded with Microsoft colors?"

Maybe that's just what I'm thinking.


I look at images like that... and it makes me ponder. It makes me wonder, who makes these amazing images, and what did we do to deserve the privilege of gazing upon such awesomeness?

Speaking of awesomeness...

Where did you get that boss contact lens!??? It looks like it hurts.

Or maybe it shoots a laser out of it or something.

And what if you got hit by that laser? Would you throw up in red, green, blue, and yellow?


I think a ninja just fell out of the moon! I was wondering where all those Wiki Ninjas came from!

Anyway, go read this blog if you haven't yet:


I can't believe we got 80 new banners! That's crazy!


Jump on in. The Wiki is warm! And apparently it's inside the moon. Oh, and the next chance you get, you should slice that sun open! Or just shoot it with your Microsoft laser eye.

I'm back! That's what you get! Mwahahahaha!

- Ninja Ed


PS: Special thanks to Kanwwar Manish for the top image, and to Kia Zhi Tang for the second and third images!

PPS: And in case you're wondering what the inside of the moon looks like (where the Wiki Ninjas run free), Gaurav Aroraa helps you envision it:

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  1. pituach says:

    Awesome post 🤣

    I read this blog several days ago before it was published, and I waited to see it released. I love the way you present the images. It is so funny 🤣 and fun to read

    1. Well, hopefully through all the jokes… the original creators can see how grateful I/we are for their artwork!

      Thanks, Ronen!

    1. Thank you, Ankit! And great job on your Guru awards for February!

  2. Wow, I had it all wrong. I thought the first banner was a time lapse of one Ninja, where the Ninja held off slicing the sun at the last instant. Thanks Ed, for clarifying it.

    1. Richard,

      Oh, I like the time-lapse theory!

      Then that means maybe the third ninja succeeded in slicing open the sun! And then he/she is resting in the fourth pose, after all the hard work!

      And then perhaps that isn’t the sun’s reflection in the water. Perhaps it’s the time-lapsed presence of the sun juices having been spilt upon the Earth! This is the last image seen before the destruction of our planet!

  3. Awesome banners and post 🙂 I loved to read this entire post. Great banner Manish, Gaurav, Kia Zhi (Y)

  4. Thanks for the awesome post. Bang on.

    1. Kanwar, great job on your image! Thank you for all your community contributions!

  5. Thanks to all the creators of lovely banners like these. Thanks Ed Price for the great post and for description. This blog will help all of us to understand the stories that these banners are speaking. A round of applause for Kanwar Manish and Kia.

  6. Pete Laker says:

    Behold! The mutterings of a beautiful mind.
    We must bottle him!

    Better still, prepare the cloning machine.
    I know what I want my soldiers to be like now!

    Whilst Grand Master Ed had been off ninjaing and.. doing stuff.. a movement had formed.
    In Ed’s year-long absence, a dark shadow crept across the land.

    New shoots of wisdom were not sprouting.
    Great trees of knowledge were withering.

    A splinter ninja group called the ‘misguided ones’ stopped sharing – keeping their MS knowledge to themselves.

    They disengaged from the community and were no longer grounded (moderated) by main-stream feedback.

    Confusing messages and strange theories about Microsoft began to clog up the search results…

    They came to believe that Ed must be… TRAPPED IN THE SUN !!!
    Many tried to slice it open, but all failed.

    Ed was finally found… on the moon! Constructing a new Ninja space station and Ninja cave race track!

    Now we can all shine again, with a fresh glint in the eye of Microsoft Love™

    My clonED army will soon be in full production…

    Such awesome artwork.
    Such widespread imagination.

    Much joy had, reading this best-of-the-year post from Grand Master Ed.
    Welcome back Ed

    1. Ha! Thanks, Peter!

      Yes, you too can join the Wiki Ninjas in the moon and join us on our Wiki Ninja Space Station and Inner Moon Ninja Cave Race Track!

  7. great Post Ed and Thank you for sharing

  8. VIP Realty says:

    The Banner / Graphics are awesome! Just seeing them made me read the post. lol

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