Thanks to the Wiki Avengers

The TechNet Wiki has a great set of council members and many of these are listed in the Top 10 contributors each week, but let's take a step back and look at the heroes of Wiki, the silent heroes.

Many of you know Pete Laker and Peter Geelen along with others like Ed Price (The father of Wiki) and Richard Mueller, as well as many others but do many of you know what actually happens behind the scenes? Let's take a look at these brilliant minds. They are constantly cleaning up the Wiki, fixing items you cannot see, tidying up the databases, formatting articles so the user experience is not just 100% but 500%, liaising with Microsoft staff (for many reasons) and combating spam which in itself is a mammoth task so that all Wiki Ninjas have an awesome experience when using the Wiki along with the massive community out there wanting to share their ideas and knowledge.

I call them the Wiki Avengers, maybe even Darth Vader whom you hardly see but hear from 🙂

Let's take a minute and put our hands together for these guys (sorry if I did not mention your name, but the list will be extremely long). It takes a lot of time and effort from each and everyone and is sometimes an exhausting task but Wiki Avengers never stop working, never stop trying and constantly give there all for you!!

A big Thank You to you guys for what you do, not only for the Wiki but for each other. The Wiki would not be the same if it wasn't for a group of unselfish people spending there free time working on the Wiki where they could be out in the streets saving the world...(jokes).

So...enough said, you guys Rock!!

Ed (Aka DareDevil57 - I might actually be the next avenger)


Comments (6)

  1. Great Post Edward.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Ed for this outstanding blog. Well done!!

  3. pituach says:

    Nice post 🙂

    Important point to remember say thanks to the people behind the scene from time to time 😉
    Well done and thanks for sharing

  4. Edward, yes you’re definitely one of our Wiki Avengers! You were at the MVP Summit Wiki Ninja meetings and are one of our key leaders. Thanks for this reminder of all the effort put into the community!

    1. Thanks Ed, really appreciate it!! 🙂

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